10 different ways to do it. Men go crazy with # 5

A good move is not denied to anyone, but it is important that you know what you should do to make it worth the experience. True, not all of us have the same practice doing it, but that’s what we are here for. Do not despair and read carefully, as these tips can save your life when it comes to “taking action”.
We have created this list of 10 different ways of doing it YOU HAVE to try before you die, maybe you are stuck in some of them but do not worry, here we are to take you on the right path of love and happiness. Take note and practice, we know you’ll like it.

1. No limits.

2. Rude, break-things.

3. Make love Madly.

4. In exotic mode.

5. Noise.

6. With music.

7. In “comfortable” mode.

8. The one who transforms you.

9. The sweet and tender.

10. The discovery.

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