10 Embarrassing Things All Women Do, But Will Never Admit

Ladies can be very secretive. In fact, a number of women can take a secret to the grave and you’ll never know they even had hidden secrets! However, the type of secrets discussed in this post are the ones that all women share with each other, kind of.
These are all things that women do in private but don’t really talk about.
Check out some of the things below women do but hides from everyone. If you’re a woman, you’ll relate. If you’re a man, you’ll probably be very confused.

Bras don’t get washed that often.

The greatest feeling of relief any woman could ever have.

Regularly lurking your ex’s social media.

Forgetting to grab a tampon before entering the bathroom.

Holding up the chest while walking down the stairs.

Holding a fart from the front only to release it later on when in a more comfortable position.

Throwing clothes all over the room when deciding what to wear.

Peeing in the shower

Secret Selfies

They Pick Their Nose

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