10 of the Biggest Nightclub Fails Caught on Camera!

1.) Taking a picture at the nightclub is a good way to keep the memory of the night alive. However, when the picture you take ends up not being all that great, you are going to have a tough time remembering it. This is what happened with these two girls when one of their friends had had a bit too much to drink and ended up getting a little too excited. Her face in this picture is something else; it shows that it might be a good idea to cut back on the drink a little otherwise your night might just end up going sideways!

2.) Guys thinking that women want to dance when they would rather just be left alone can be a big problem at a lot of clubs. It is one of the biggest reasons that women tend to avoid going to clubs that have a bad reputation and where there are usually more guys than girls. This picture is a big example of that, as the woman is clearly not interested in dancing with the guy, but the guy seems not to notice! Maybe next time he should pay attention to the girl’s mood too.

3.) When a guy goes to a club, he is usually hoping to dance with some beautiful women, but sometimes you get lucky and dance with a girl that is way hotter than you expected to get. The reaction, in such situations, is often comical, and that is exactly what you are seeing with this picture where the guy is so excited that he almost looks like he is in pain! Based on this picture, this is a night that this person is going to remember for a long time. Hopefully, it was just as much fun for the girl as it clearly was for the guy!

4.) Girls are not the only ones that have to deal with clingy guys at nightclubs. Sometimes it is the guy who is in a pickle because there is a girl who is way more into him. The man in this picture apparently wants to be rid of the girl that is clinging to him, but maybe he is too polite to be up front with her about it. The chances are that he is going to be a little more careful next time around!

5.) When the lights are off people, end up doing a lot of things that they don’t want to be captured on camera. When someone suddenly takes a picture, it can be difficult to get into a nice pose. Hence, this guy’s face and awkward pose in this picture isn’t his fault, but it is still an embarrassing picture that is probably going to end up haunting him for a while! Looks like he is going to have a hard time living this down, but maybe it’s not too late for him to get past this.

6.) Going out for a night on the town with your girlfriend sounds like the perfect way to spend your weekends, but if you are not all that into your girlfriend, you might be distracted. This is natural, but you would not want a moment like this caught on camera for sure! It looks like this guy wasn’t into the girl he’s kissing as much as she thinks he is because he’s checking his phone. Let’s hope that she’s not his girlfriend but some girl he randomly met because otherwise, this might be an awkward situation for him!

7.) In this picture, it seems like the girl is getting a little freaked out by the guy getting so hands on with her. Maybe she was just looking for a nice evening dancing with a cute guy, but he chose to take it a step further without taking her consent first. Either way, we hope that she was able to get herself out of this sticky situation! Hopefully, this guy realized that she was not into whatever he had in mind and decided to look elsewhere. Otherwise, it might have been a big problem for the girl.

8.) Getting a tan is not always that easy if you do not live in a country that has a lot of sunshine, so people often go to tanning salons. Sometimes it is easy to go overboard, though, as is the case in this picture. It honestly looks like these guys are covered in peanut butter based on how brown their skin is, and they are clearly going to have trouble having an excellent time. Still, it looks like the girls that are with them are tolerating this, or maybe even don’t notice that their spray on tan looks so bad!

9.) Carrying a girl on your shoulders is the best way to break the ice and get her interested in you. It is a show of strength and masculinity which is why when a girl asks most guys tend to say yes without really thinking too much about it. This guy apparently felt this way, because he took the girl up on his shoulders and now he looks like he regrets this a lot! Maybe she was too heavy for him, or maybe he realized he was too drunk to stay upright. Whatever the case, we hope that this picture doesn’t represent their whole night!

10.) Posing with a hot picture with your friends is great unless one of them is a prankster. This picture of a guy dumping a can of coke on a girl that is hopefully his friend is something that you will notice is quite hilarious. Hopefully, it didn’t ruin this girl’s night, and maybe she learned not to take pictures while this guy is around. Either way, she still manages to look quite good in spite of the prank, even though the picture is not one that she would get a lot of fond nostalgia.

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