10 photos proving that Reggaeton arrived to destroy the human race

Music generates a universal feeling, it is like magic and we ALL love it. Will there be anyone in the world who does not like music? Probably not. However, the world is replete with different musical genres, one for each type of person. Sadly it is rock that is always associated with the negative and even the satanic, but there is a worse genre, one that seems to have been created by SATAN himself and by some evil plan, to manipulate the minds of each and every one of them. Us: THE REGGAETÓN.
The clearest proof is the way he makes people behave, how he leaves out all kinds of decency and makes desire take over the minds of everyone, even children. Do not you believe us? Here we have the proof.

1. Here we have J Balvin, definitely, he and his horrible perreo are up to something.

2. Pervert your image to be a soldier of evil.

3. Loose clothing as monks of the very devil.

4. His favorite victims are children.

5. There really is no age distinction.

6. What awaits us in such a world?

7. Neither schools are safe places for our children.

8. Adults are not spared exposing themselves to this satanic music.

9. The woman happens to be an object and not a person. Do we really want this?

10. The problem is that new generations have been adapting to hide their messages and pervert young minds.

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