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Girls like to talk a lot and they share almost everything with their friends and specially with their boyfriends. But there are some of those little secrets that keep to themselves and they don’t tell their guys about it.

These secrets are not those big secrets of their lives, but these are some of the harmless ones which she keeps to herself. Read on to explore:

Initiating Conversation

Girls don’t like to initiate conversation with a man, they prefer a man to approach them first.

Getting Comfy

A girl may not be ready for a kiss as yet but that does not mean that she wants to maintain a formal distance with the guy. A bit of hand holding or grab on waist is something girls really don’t mind.

Hearing you Out

Contrary to the belief that girls have many things to talk of, at times even girls run out of topics to talk about. They rather hear you out, did you know girls are good listeners and they love seeing guys talk.


Girls like to keep sweet memories and they like to get clicked with their guy. A romantic picture of her with her guys is something she wants so that they can sneak peek at them when they away rom their guy.

Morning Messages

A girl desires to wake a sweet note or message from her boyfriend every morning. That’s the best way for her to start her day and if she doesn’t get one, her day is ruined before even she got out of bed. A message like “Good Morning Angel” will set her in great mood for the day, a bit of emojis will add to her happiness.


Girls like hear compliments from their guys, they may not say a thank you when you do complement them, but that’s basically because they feel lucky to have you on their side.

Blame It On PMS

Sometimes girls themselves don’t know why they are in that cranky mood and they vent out their irritations on you. Well just blame it on PMS. It’s not their fault.

Physical Closeness

Girls don’t mind getting in act of love with their guys, if they are in love. They may not say it but their desire for you is same your desire for her.

No Takers For No

Girls don’t like to hear a hear for anything they ask for, specially those small little things like a drive or a coffee date. And when they want you to sing for them just go ahead and sing, no excuses will accepted for a bad throat.


If girls are still in touch with their ex boyfriends they don’t share it with their guy as they don’t want him to over think about it.


They may fight with you, they may nag you, but a girls best time is the time she sent with you. They feel lucky and proud to be with you and they are happiest when they are with you.

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