10 things that hold a woman and you NEVER touch. You’ll make it come in minutes

Physical romance can be very complicated, especially if your boyfriend has no idea what the points make you crazy. Doing it with your boy can become very boring if you always do the same routine in bed, especially since there are many sensitive areas besides the back, chest, lips and neck.

Guys pay close attention because today we will reveal the best-kept secrets of a female anatomy. Do you want your girl to scream with excitement like never before? Then get ready and start practicing from tonight. These are the 10 places that every woman loves to stimulate during the action.

1. Ankles

2. Mount of Venus

3. Shoulders

4. Low belly

5. Behind the knees

6. Inner Thighs

7. Curve of the back

8. Internal part of the elbows

9. Behind the ear

10. Low back

Now that they have all the weapons to pop their girl, do not hesitate to use them and make her feel in the clouds. You’re welcome!

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