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10 Things You Must Do For Your Boy To Have Him Madly In Love With You

Women !, then we’ll give you the information you’ve been waiting for. Today we are going to reveal all those things that a girl can do for her boyfriend in bed, to make him mad with love and passion.
By asking hundreds of our readers and researching dozens of internet sites, we are able to determine the things most men love their girlfriends to do for them. You’ll be surprised!


These answers will be super useful for you, will help you to relive the fire of your relationship, or simply to give more ground to the matter. It never hurts to have a good trick up his sleeve; In the field of love everything is worth. Practícalas regularly and we assure you that your relationship will improve a lot. Forget about boring routines and doing the same thing forever, this is what you really need in your life.
These are the 10 things you must do for your boy to have him madly in love with you:

1. Ask him, listen to him and consent.

According to studies, the happiest men are those who are listened to and supported by their wives.
You must learn to know your man, to identify what you like or worry about, as well as dreams and goals. Couples who truly manage to survive all ills are the ones who have the best communication. Target, girls!

2.- Cooking for him without clothes

So is. Although it sounds crazy, one of the main results of the interviews is that the vast majority of men melt their women to cook for them without clothes.
No man resists the beautiful sight of seeing his girl without a garment, cooking something delicious for him. There is nothing better than to show him the main course and the dessert at the same time, do not you think?

3.- Highlight your attributes

In other words, start to trust your body. It is proven that the greatest feminine appeal for a man is the safety in his body.
If you really want to “catch” your heartthrob you will have to start falling in love with yourself.
A provocative look, a flirty pose and your movements are the three things you need to project confidence in yourself. Being beautiful is a matter of attitude!

4.-An “apple” is never too much

Has a man ever said no to a “slipper”? Of course not …! They love doing it with their girl practically anywhere, it seems even more exciting before leaving a place, no matter what time is short or if someone is about to arrive. It provokes your boy with a short skirt and retort to have action in a new site, you will see that those 5 or 10 minutes will take advantage of them very well. It will not be able to resist!

5.- Take the initiative

Most women are accustomed to having the boyfriend do all the “dirty work” – so to speak – which does not sound very fair. Your beau would also like to be conquered, so do not hesitate to take the initiative and do the impossible to please him in bed. The best gift you can give is to drive you crazy just by seeing it; Show him how irresistible he is and with that you will have won his love forever.

6.-Give him a drink

Not everything in the relationship is romantic dates, moonlight veiled and beach walks. Now change it! The boys love to go out with their girlfriend to have fun, not just to chat and to kiss. The best thing about a couple is to have fun together and, of course, a few beers or drinks are always a good option. Invite him to a crazy party, teach him a new environment in which both can dance and learn a new facet of the relationship; Home dating to watch Netflix can wait until they turn 30.

7.-Wear an outfit that drives you crazy.

Lingerie is one of the greatest blessings created by the human being, because they take the most provocative side of the woman. It is an invitation to the forbidden thing that every boy in love appreciates. Surprise him on the date with a special set and tell him in secret what you expect to do that night … He will not stop thinking about you! You will not even want to take it off when the time comes for action.

8.-Play with him in a public place

A man’s mind is not so hard to read, it just needs a little excitement so the relationship does not cool; A good advice is to caress your boy without anyone noticing it, you will see that you will also enjoy that game. Feel the adrenaline flowing through your bodies as you sneak under the table or take pleasure in the car. There are risks that are worth it!

9.-Do it with the lights on

Something a man hates more than grandma’s panties is that his girl wants to do it with the lights off … Come on, friends! You have to start loving your body, you will see that your boyfriend will go crazy. Nothing beats a boy more than to see the curves and the silhouette of his beautiful girlfriend. Remember that men are much more visual and enjoy the encounter more. Try it, you will not regret it!

10.-Give a massage before the second round

What do they want after a crazy encounter? Exact !: The second round. Take into account that your boy needs a respite before returning to action, in which blood comes back to the right places. So you can help him a little to relax with a delicious massage on back, chest, and legs, so you kill two birds with one shot … If you do this you will gain a place in heaven. He will not let you go!

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