11 famous children who got along really well over the years

You can not always be beautiful and spectacular, not even the famous people who now have millions in their bank accounts and live under the light of the spotlights. At some point in the childhood of many of the stars of film and television, they had times when they were not very good people. Some of them even looked a little funny and nobody imagined what they were going to become. In the following note we will talk about 10 famous and famous that were ugly of small and flourished now that they are adults.

1. The famous actress of the Crazy Adams, Christina Ricci, was transformed from a rare girl to a beautiful woman.

2. Remember the fat Josh of the famous children series “Drake and Josh”? Oh well, that’s Josh Peck, who is now all a showman.

3.- The renowned actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the best actors of his generation, but as a young man he looked like a weak nerd.

4.- Rapper Lil Jon has changed too much from his high school to whatever he has become today, we do not know how to define it very well.

5.- This beautiful California-born actress played a supporting role in the famous “Malcolm in the Middle” series. During those times, the actress Tania Raymonde was not a very pretty girl.

6. The graceful nothingness “Lloyd” from “Malcolm in the Middle” was played by actor Evan Matthew Cohen.

7. Being the daughter of Jodie Foster in the movie “Panic Room”, Kristen Stewart became one of the most sought-after young actresses in the middle for her success in “Twilight.”

8.- Jonathan Lipnicki was the beautiful little man in Tom Cruise’s famous movie, “Jerry Maguire”, now no one recognizes him with that athlete body that is loaded.

9.- Selena Gomez singer starring in the series of Barney and his Friends at the beginning of the year 2000. No one imagined how impressive it was going to be their change, lost the innocence and even became Justin Bieber’s girlfriend for a while.

10.- Diego Luna was a small plump who was starting his career in Mexican television, is now about to star in the first spin off of Star Wars.

11.- One of the pioneers of the eternal Disney Club and the most successful, Justin Timberlake was not the most handsome in the world, but he became one of the most famous pop artists in history.

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