11 things you should never do to your vagina. That your boyfriend NEVER do # 7

How much do you take care of your private parts? Maybe you think that with all the hygiene products on the market, you will be safe from any infection or bug that may sneak into your pelvic area, but the reality is different.
The vagina is a very delicate and sensitive organ since the skin of that area is very thin. This can lead to irritation, burns or contagion if care is not taken.There are certain habits that inadvertently hurt us. Girls, here we will tell you what some things NEVER have to do or let them do with your sex organ.


1. Use deodorant spray

Although they are very popular today, the use of intimate deodorants is not recommended by gynecologists, as they alter the pH – that is, the natural balance of acidity – of the vagina. When it is out of control bacteria and fungi develop that cause bad smell, irritation and itching. Some may even cause mild burns, due to dryness.

2. Wear underwear of another

3. Tattoos

4. Use epilating cream

5. Dye the pubic hair

6. Introduce foreign objects

7. Using fingers


8. Use scented towels and tampons

9. Apply moisturizing cream to lubricate

10. Use whipped cream, chocolate or any product containing sugar

11. Vaginal Showers

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