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13 Ways To Turn On Women In 10 Minutes

1. Take your time

When touched, the body of a woman releases oxytocin that’s responsible for the feeling of comfort, relaxation, and love. And that means, the more we’re touched, the more we want to be touched. Of course, it doesn’t mean you jump right onto things, take your time and move slow. So caress, fondle, stroke, and embrace us to get that oxytocin flowing.

2. Pay attention

Pay attention to us be it inside or outside the bedroom. Look us in the eyes and really listen when we share our feelings, thoughts, desires, or just tell you about our day. This really gets us interested and get involved with you.

3. Make use of your tongue

Oral s3x when done right can be a sure-fire route to ecstasy for a lot of us. Keep her guessing what you’re going to do next and I bet she won’t want you to stop. Make sure you don’t overdo anything; she’s a woman after all.

4. Try some toys

Yes, you heard it right! Use some s3x toys to turn on women; they make things really spicy between the two. Toys are a way for grown-ups to play. Using them adds extra zing to s3x, and also deepens the sense of trust and intimacy between the two.

5. Whisper

Whispering in her ear is kinda sexy, just combining it with a sexual touch and voila, things become irresistible. Kiss her earlobe and neck and all those other sensitive spots that rarely get touched.

6. Showing the manly side will really turn her on

If you sense she has started turning on, it’s time to move further, hold her hands against something hard may be a door or wall and kiss her passionately.

7. Massage

Massage is the best way you can turn on anyone with. When she’s tired just tell her to relax and give her some sensual massage. Start from her shoulder and move to her back. I can assure you that it’s going to heat things up and it’s actually a good start.

8. Hug her from behind

When she is doing some work or makeup or anything, put your arms around her waist and pull her close to you and hug her.

9. Neck kisses

We all know that neck kisses are a woman’s weakness! So why not make use of it to turn her on? Put your hands around her waist and kiss her neck suddenly without her knowledge and she’s going to surrender herself to you.

10. Talk sexy

If you want her then you need to watch out your words. By slowing down with the way you speak, pausing in between words and looking into her eyes she will want you more.

11. Touch soft

Women love it when men kiss their forehead, it shows affection and no matter how hard she tries, she won’t be able to resist liking you that little bit more. If she let you touch her waist that simply means she wants to kiss you, she is giving you sure-fire sign my boy!

12. Spice things up

We all want new and different experiences and so do women. Take s3x out of the bedroom and start foreplay someplace new, whether that’s your dining room, car or kitchen. Talk about each other fantasies and make that happen.

13. Pull her into you

Women like dominant men in the bedroom so when you pull her close to you or on your side, she kinds of like it. Look into her eyes, put your hands around her waist and slowly pull her into you, this is probably the best way to start to turn her on.

Bonus: 7 Things That Happen To Your Body When You Stop Having Sex

1. You are not Going to Get Tighter

Most people think their private parts start getting tighter after they stop having sex. This is not the case and if we look at this medically this is a wrong perception because your hymen can’t grow back again. The tissues of your vagina might not forget the habit of relaxing when you are aroused. This may cause you to take some time to arouse but that’s nothing dangerous.

2. Erectile Dysfunction

This is the case with all men. Many studies have proved that when men stop having intercourse, they face erectile dysfunction because your body forgets the act of being erect. It remembers erecting as long as you are having sex regularly. The studies conducted have more implication for the older men than the young but you should take this issue seriously. Furthermore, the studies showed regular sexual activity has many positive impacts on men’s ability to get erected.

3. The Sex Drive May Get Affected

On this matter, sex-experts contradict with each other. Some say that your sexual desire might decline because of not having sex because your Libido decreases while some say that the sexual desires are even more strong when you stop having intercourse because of Libido increase.

4. Stress and Anxiety

We all know that sexual intercourses help us get relaxed and feel more comfortable. When you stop having intercourse, you might have to face intense stress and anxiety. So all the people who have not had any sexual intercourse for some time could be in severe problems.

5. Impact on Cardiac Health

You might not believe but your sex life is also related to your cardiac health. There is not an appropriate answer to what might happen to you when you stop having intercourse but the thing is that changes happen. If you’re the guy who takes out all the anxiety and frustration by hitting hard in the gym, then you’re good to go.

6. It Takes More Time to Get Wet

As we know that everything needs some maintenance to keep working well, same is the case with your private parts. According to studies, if you have sexual intercourse more often you’ll get wet early but if there’s a break in between, it might take some more time for you to get wet.

7. Effect on Your Intellect

You might be thinking its bullshit but it’s true and scientists have proved it in many studies that having intercourse boots the neurons in your brain and that results in making your brain even more powerful and active. All the brain-boosting techniques are boring and difficult to imply but why not do it the easy and fun way, the way you love it.

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