14 Weirdest Sexual Encounters People Had With Strangers

Do you like talking to strangers? Some people are afraid to interact with strangers because they fear for their safety. However, some people are actually willing to do wild things with individuals they barely even know.

Want to know how naughty can strangers be to each other? Check out the story below!
1. Someone had a threesome.

Having sex with a stranger is already quite alarming for safety reasons, but having sexual encounters with two people at the same time is just shocking.

2. He had drunken sex.

One guy was at his best friend’s birthday party, and he got so drunk that he texted a fellow drunken girl. They proceeded to have unsafe sex near a trash bin and he got an STD. Oops!

3. They flirted in an airplane.

A man accidentally touched the hand of a woman, and it developed into flirting under the blankets. When the plane touched down, he went to her hotel room and had sex.

4. Her Tinder date invited him to an Ed Sheeran concert.

They didn’t have sex during the concert, but they had several sexual encounters in the girl’s hotel room before and after the concert. What’s weird is that the girl started to bleed even if she didn’t have a period.

5. He had sex on a train.

Specifically, he met a woman on the train who was also smoking. They had sex inside the small and cold toilet.

6. She had sex with a hitchhiker.

This mother saw a hitchhiker and picked him up. Once he was in her house, she asked him to go and have a shower. She joined this stranger while her kids were still sleeping.

7. He had sex in an airport.

A guy just wanted to get a free ride to the airport, but they wanted to have sex. The car was too small, so they went to the airport bathroom instead.

8. He called a woman as the sex fairy.

One of this guy’s friends had a female friend who liked to smoke, drink, and get high. The girl initiated the sexual activity, but she left the next morning. Now, he only knows her as the sex fairy.

9. He had sex with a singer.

While he was having sex with this woman, he decided to play some songs. Apparently, the songs were made by the woman he was having sex with.

10. They had sex behind a church.

He met this woman at a bar who just got a divorce and wanted to get some naughty action. They then went outside and had sex near the church where the woman’s family regularly goes to.

11. He had sex with an amputee.

This guy met a lady who had her leg amputated due to cancer many years ago. They had sex in the car at a park and the woman’s amputated leg provided enough space for her to be on top of him.

12. A guy had sex with a woman at a gay party.

Apparently, this guy’s gay friend knew a woman who needed a rebound. He thought he was joking, but when he went to the party, the girl was ready to get some action.

13. He was wanted by a drunk girl.

He had already left the bar, but his friend was still there and a woman wanted to know where he lives. His friend takes her to his home and they had drunk wild sex.

14. He had sex at a construction site.

They were about to go to this woman’s hotel room, but they couldn’t find the actual hotel, so they just did the deed at a construction site.

What other kinky encounters do you know? Share your thoughts!

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