15 Babes With The Hottest Melons And Cakes In Hollywood

Melons and cakes. T & A. Boobs and booty. You get the general idea. “Melon” is pretty obvious. But “cake”? Thank rapper Kid Ink who penned, “Now then let me see that cake, cake, cake.” From Kate Upton‘s Double-D’s to the magnificent booty of the young Kim Kardashian, to the considerable charms of the likes of Charlotte McKinney, Hollywood is awash with hot stacked babes, babes with scorching booties, and babes that have both. Sometimes the assets are God-given natural. And sometimes they’re siliconed in Hollywood. Do we care? In a word, no. Hot is hot in anybody’s books. These days, big booty is hot. Thanks to Kim Kardashian. Stacked has always been the Hollywood way to go. Whether these luscious babes are found posing in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, posting to Instagram or Snapchat, strutting the red carpet, bouncing down a beach wearing not much, or just hanging out at home, they give the world melon and cakes that have the boys coming back for more. Get ready for 15 hot Hollywood babes who excel in the melon and cake stakes. And we’re talking big.

15. Kate Upton – Double Ds To Die For (Melons)
14. Charlotte McKinney – From Carl’s Jr. To Baywatch (Melons)
13. Kylie Jenner – Melon And Cake Made In Hollywood
12. Scarlett Johansson – Hot Bombshell Melon And Cake
11. Kim Kardashian – The Golden Period Of Booty
10. Antje Utgaard – The Next Kate Upton (Melons)
9. Sofia Vergara – 32F Melons And Hot Cakes
8. Brooklyn Decker – Hot, Hot, And More Hot (Melons)
7. Kelly Rohrbach – From Rookie To Rear Of The Year (Melons and Cake)
6. Ariel Winter – 38-28-34 Says It All
5. Eva Mendes – One Of The Best Cakes Out There
4. Pamela Anderson – The One, The Only (Melon, Duh)
3. Salma Hayek – 50 And Still Hot (Melons)
2. Penelope Cruz – Melons And Cake To Spare
1. Tyra Banks – Melons Aplenty

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