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15 Confessions From Moms Who Got Pregnant After Casual Dates

Getting pregnant should be a blessing because there are a lot of couples who pray to increase their fertility, but there are some women who get knocked up way too quickly!

By definition, a pregnancy is a time of gestation in which one or more babies develop inside a woman. Pregnancy often occurs by making love, but it can also occur through assisted reproductive technology (ART). A typical pregnancy lasts around 40 weeks-more or less-after the woman’s last menstrual cycle. Depending on the female, prenatal care varies from regular exercise to consistent physical exams.

A pregnancy sounds like a simple process, but like we mentioned earlier, it’s like a complex math equation for some women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 12 percent of American women (ages 15 to 44) struggle with infertility. Only five to 10 percent of those women suffer from unexplained infertility without an exact reason. On another topic, engaging in a one night stand may result in drama. No, not the verbal type of drama. We’re talking about the drama coming from a dreaded statement: “Oops, I’m pregnant!”

Whether or not the woman wants to keep her baby or babies, she’ll still have to make the decision in spite of her shortcomings. She might end up having to cope with other issues relating to awkwardness, commitment and drama. Here are 15 shocking confessions from moms who got pregnant from hook ups.

15. Absent Father

A Reddit user confessed her son was the product of a friends-with-benefits situation.

She wrote, “I got pregnant from a casual FWB. He also got his girlfriend pregnant in the same week. Their baby died at 9 days old. I kept my son and he is 14 years old now. Baby Daddy has met my son twice, once for the DNA test and one time shortly after. My son was 6 months old at that time. We talked 4 years ago when my son was 10. He said he wasn’t ready to meet my son. I told him if he wasn’t ready after a decade he never would be. Haven’t heard from him since. My son has 2 living sisters by him though and I’d like for him to know them but my son wants nothing to do with his bio dad, my ex husband is his real dad he says. My ex has been in his life since he was 9 months old.”

14. Young Love

A Reddit user admitted that her baby daddy is nowhere near close to the worst one out there. She just didn’t expect him to become the father of her now 10-year-old son, who knows the identity of his father.

She wrote, “I got pregnant from the guy I dated in high school. We hooked up on a VERY casual basis when we were 20, after breaking up at 18. I came very close to not telling him about the pregnancy and wish I had stuck to that decision- the custody situation has been very difficult (due to his parents insistence he be involved). My son is almost ten and I still think about what would have happened had I not told him/said he wasn’t his. He’s not a bad dad, I just never planned for him to be involved. And sometimes I feel like he wishes he wasn’t either.”

13. Denial Of Claim

Not a direct comment, but a Reddit user wrote about a negative experience that her aunt went through with her son’s father (and continues to deal with). Hopefully, everything in her past works out for the better, so she could find peace in her life. It would be downright awful if the father had other children that he wants nothing to do with.

She wrote, “Obligatory not me but my aunt. She had casual “fun” with this guy (a few times I think) and now has a one year old with him. The father refused to be in the child’s life at all. She found out from someone else that he most likely has other children that he does not claim as his own. Really sh*tty situation for her and my cousin, but she just got married and the guy basically considers himself the father so everything kinda worked itself out.”

12. Threats

A Reddit user got pregnant after deciding to have a one night stand with a guy friend. When it comes to making babies, one night stands are kind of efficient. But having a baby while going through a divorce isn’t the greatest idea either.

She wrote, “I got knocked up by a one night stand who was a casual friend. He was beautiful but I was going through a divorce and not looking for anything serious. He didn’t want a child but I chose to keep the baby. He was an a**hole and threatened to take the baby from me and give it up for adoption so he didn’t have to pay child support. He payed sporadically and I raised the baby on my own.”

She can’t change her past, but hopefully she learned a lesson or two after making a fatal mistake. Not all guys are going to be supportive, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

11. Just A Booty Call

A Reddit user dished about her friend’s on-again, off-again relationship with a guy who was pretty much just a booty call. If you’re not sure what a booty call is, it’s simply an arranged meeting between two people for the sole purpose of ‘doing it’.

She wrote, “My friend was seeing this guy for a while off and on. It was mostly a booty call for both of them. But she ended up moving across the country for a job. She came home to visit the family around the holidays, hooked up with him one night and got pregnant.”

If all went well, the mother kept the child and the father paid his child support payments. There’s nothing worse than a deadbeat dad who doesn’t care about his baby mama and continues to hook up with other ladies instead of manning up.

10. Birth Of Twins

What’s worse than finding out you’re pregnant with a child after a hook up? Finding out you got a pair of twins inside you. This Reddit user broke down the confusing process of continuing a high-risk pregnancy with minimal presence from the baby’s father, who allegedly never paid his required child support. Sad!

She wrote, “I have twins from a casual relationship. I am very pro-choice and I chose to keep them. It was a high risk pregnancy and he was around when it suited his schedule. I allowed him to be there when I was laboring, but when it was time to push and I could only have one person, I chose my mom. After they were born, again he saw them when it suited his schedule. He had an order for very minimal child support and never paid it (this was before automatic-withdrawal, or he worked under the table).”

9. Odd Looking Couple

Again, not a firsthand comment made by the actual mother of a child, but a statement written by a girl friend is close enough.

A Reddit user wrote, “I know a girl who fell pregnant following a one night stand, she kept the baby and they decided to “give it a go” to see how things went. That was 12 years ago, now they have 4 in total and they are getting married in two weeks. They are the oddest looking couple though.”

We don’t know what the couple actually looks like, but it’s kind of insulting to describe your friend and her fiancé as the “oddest looking couple.” First off, who was she to judge the appearances of others? Love is love, regardless of looks. Second, shouldn’t she be happy for the soon-to-be newlyweds? Everyone, please remember the golden rule: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

8. Camp Love Story

It’s a little bit awkward that this Reddit user knows the full story behind her mother’s pregnancy, but hey, you have to find out about the truth sooner or later. Telling lies won’t get you anywhere.

She wrote, “My mum was knocked up on the third date while camping. She was 32 and decided to keep the baby, even though her partner wasn’t interested in a relationship and just wanted to party. They stayed in contact and became friends, and when I was one, he moved in with us, and they fell in love. They’re still together 30 years later, and adore each other. My dad started writing poetry to her when she was traveling for 6 weeks. You never know!”

Whether or not the pregnancy was planned, at least this story featured a happy ending. Also, camping can serve as a golden opportunity for co-ed companionship, which can lead to romantic relationships.

7. Family First

Family should come first, no matter what. A Reddit user wrote in detail about her sister’s unexpected pregnancy by a friends-with-benefits. Although she seems upset that the biological father doesn’t want anything to do with his daughter, she also appears to be making the most out of the hapless situation by taking care of her as if she were her own, which is a good thing. Staying positive around negative people can help alleviate the horrors and tragedies around you.

She wrote, “My sister got pregnant from a FWB, he doesn’t have anything to do with my niece and doesn’t claim her at all. His family sometimes claims her and his parents will occasionally get her birthday or Christmas presents. My family OTOH spoil her rotten, she’s very much loved and rarely makes comments about her father’s family. She’s almost a daughter to me and a sister to my kids.”

6. Reckless Decision

While the circumstances leading up to the pregnancy were rather undesirable, this Reddit user decided to keep the baby because a next time likely wouldn’t be promised due to her diagnosis of compromised fertility. However, she contradicted herself with her existing beliefs on supporting legal abortion.

She wrote, “I had a child from an impetuous ONS with a stranger when I was 21. I kept the baby because I had wanted a child, although not necessarily under those circumstances; also, I had a diagnosis of compromised fertility so it wasn’t a sure bet I’d get pregnant again down the track. I also was opposed to abortion for myself, although I still supported legal abortion.”

With luck, we hope this baby mama sorted things out because it would be a horrible thing if she still had drama with her baby daddy. No child deserves to be in the middle of a back-and-forth melee.

5. Pro-Life

Another Reddit user recalled an old friend’s pregnancy from a one night stand that actually ended on good terms. This isn’t surprising as Alaska saw the nation’s largest increase of 19 percent in teen pregnancy from 2005 and 2006.

She wrote, “I have a friend of an old roommate who got pregnant from a one night stand. He was back up in Alaska doing commercial fishing when she realized she was pregnant. She got his number from some mutual friends (smallish town) and told him. She is pro-life so she told him she was keeping it but he didn’t have to be involved but she wanted him to have the choice. They are married with 3 kids and are one of the happiest couples I know.”

Glad to see this happy couple get past the obstacles. There may be some issues that we don’t know about, but hopefully they’ll be able to work through them.

4. No Symptoms

Simply put, this Reddit user didn’t encounter any issues before and after her pregnancy from doing the deed without protection.

She wrote, “I was 19 and casually dating this guy. Partying, hanging out etc. One drunken night at a party, we had unprotected s*x and I got pregnant. I know the exact day because it was the one time no protection was used. However, I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 4 months along. I had no symptoms. Missing periods was normal for me (eating disorder had disrupted it). When I found out, I was originally going to have a family friend adopt it. They were never able to get pregnant and said they would take the baby. But, I changed my mind. I blame the hormones for my change of heart. The dad moved back to my hometown with me (where my mom is and rent is much cheaper) and we have been co parenting for the last 10 years. Definitely had our ups and downs, but he has been a good dad to her and even though we aren’t together, we do well with parenting. No one has been “judgy” and it’s been fairly easy. I didn’t have friends to tell about the pregnancy and just told my mom. She said she knew I would get pregnant because she did about the same age and so did her mom, lol.”

3. No Regrets

Dating and relationships usually take time and money. But in this fast-paced world, hooking up can save the time and money. Well, unless if a woman gets pregnant. It’s up to her whether or not she wants to keep the baby, but more often than not, she’s a great mom who’s just mad at the baby’s father.

She wrote, “I hooked up with my son’s dad 3 times and got pregnant on the last time. Only knew him one month. That was 7.5 years ago and I made the best decision by not having an abortion. His dad f***** off about 6 weeks in and I didn’t get any support from him until my son was about 6 months old. His mom was amazing and still is! She has been my rock and would walk through fire for her grandson. He absolutely adores her. To this day I can count on one hand how many times he’s seen his dad.”

2. Good Fit

From a man’s perspective, love comes when you least expect it. Check out the comment below to see how getting set up by mutual friends can turn into a caring, loving relationship over time.

A Reddit user wrote, “Dude here, former female roommate had a friend who this happened to. Her friend ended up introducing her to the father and got them dating (friend and father were a one night stand and she got pregnant…they were cool, worked together to do their best). It was honestly pretty cool to see, life’s weird like that. Her friend just thought they’d be a good fit and two years later it’s looking good!”

It’s not every day where you see a one night stand turn into a relationship.

1. Supportive Dad

Just because a baby mama may have broken up with her man, it doesn’t mean that he’s going to run away and never come back. No man should make the decision to ignore the child that he fathered. Neither gender had a plan to hold the infamous baby mama or baby daddy title, but they can raise their children the best they can.

She wrote, “I found out I was pregnant after we’d ended our casual thing and I decided to keep the baby. I told the father and gave him the choice of being involved or relinquishing all rights (including being named on the birth certificate, so I wouldn’t pursue child support). He chose to be involved and he was a great support while I was pregnant, really taking an active role as a birth partner and parent.”

It’s great to hear that both parties in this casual, no strings attached relationship decided to be a part of their child’s life.

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