15 Creepy Pictures Taken Of Women In Subways

The world’s subway systems are chock full of internet gold. Every commuter with a smart phone is just waiting to capture your subway slip-up. But aside from the hilarious costumes, weird fashion senses and just plain bizarre goings on underground, there are darker forces at work. There are some seriously creepy women mingling amongst every day travellers. Gangster grannies, weapon-toting ladies and morbid selfie-takers all have places to be, and the subway is their chosen method of transport.

When was the last time you took the tube, subway or metro? This week? This morning? Maybe you’re on one right now. Take a look around you. Those seemingly innocent looking passengers may need a second look. Which one of your subway car pals is wearing a knuckle duster, carrying a dead pet around or has had her knees possessed by demonic babies? If you think you’re safe – check out our list to see just what’s going on in our subway systems…You might want to think about buying a car after seeing these creepy women catching the train.


Via: Metro.co.uk

Like dark clothing, emo music and black eyeliner? You might think that makes you pretty Goth – but this woman riding the Moscow subway has reached the next level. Peak Goth was achieved the moment she decided to board the train with her creepy-looking pet raven. The envy of every Goth on the planet is now the poster child for Goth goals.

But really, who even has a pet raven these days? And why is she taking it on the subway? One thing’s for sure, it doesn’t look like she had to worry about getting a seat. No one’s going to want to get close to that nasty beak.


Via: Subway Creatures

We all know you need to keep your wits about you when you’re traveling on the subway. Pickpockets, stabbings, muggings and all sorts of crazy things are happening down there on the regular. Which means you’re going to want your grandma to take extra care if she’s riding cars to hook up with her seniors group in the Bronx.

But I don’t think anybody was ready for this gun-toting grandma chilling in their subway car. All clues point to this senior riding the subway in Russia, which opens up a whole bunch of questions. Is this babushka part of the Russian mafia? Is she about to take someone out? And is her handbag full of grenades instead of knitting patterns?


Via: NothingCooler.com

This image has been circling the darker corners of the Internet for a while now. At first glance, it’s a woman smiling meekly on the subway. Take another look and you’ll see what appears to be a bunch of people piled up at the back of the carriage.

Some say this is a shot from a movie set – but most people think it has a much darker source. Several sites place this image from around the time of the 2010 Moscow Metro Bombings. If that’s true, this woman is getting a selfie in front of the commuters that didn’t make it. Which takes this picture to a place way beyond creepy.


Via: Subway Creatures
Feet. Unless you’ve got a foot fetish, feet need to be kept under wraps at all times. Gnarly nails, busted up toes and dry cracked skin should be kept between you and your god of choice. The rest of the world doesn’t need to see any of those things. You know what else the rest of the world could do without seeing? YOUR CREEPY SIXTH TOE.

For the love of all that is sacred to mankind, buy some boots and keep that circus show of an extra appendage out of sight. I’m not willing to dwell on this a moment longer. On to the next item in our creepy, subway show of sinister sights…


Via: Subway Creatures
Let’s face it. We’ve all left the house wearing something regrettable at some point in our life. The socks and sandals that make you look like your dad on vacation, the quirky slogan tee you’re a little too old for and the plaid shirt that makes it look like you’re fresh from your line dancing class. All heinous, but ultimately forgivable when you feast your eyes on this sinister jacket.

Beheaded dolls swinging between some country and western tassels. Forget horror movies, forget every creepy thing you’ve ever known. This, my friends, is as creepy as it gets. Imagine the horrors that unfold at this woman’s house…


Via: Subway Creatures & IndieWire

Picture the scene, you’ve put your big brave boy shoes on and watched Silence Of The Lambs at your buddy’s house across town. You tell yourself the ride home on the subway will be fine. There will be bright lights, plenty of people and 9 times out of 10 there won’t be a cannibal in your subway car.

Then you sit down and see this looking right back at you. Or sleeping. Either way, right now you’re wondering which of your subway buddies look tastier than you and how you’re going to get out of this alive. Or, you crack open a bottle of chianti and prepare a meal for two…


Via: klbjfm.com
There are times in every woman’s life where she has a need that just has to be satisfied. You feel me? Well this woman basically acted out ‘you feel me’ in one hell of a provocative way next to this poor guy on the subway. Gyrating right next to him and umm … getting familiar with herself … she desperately tried to make eye contact with the guy while she got down and dirty. Anyone who has personal space issues will be freaking out just reading this.

Not put off by the guy’s lack of interest. When all her seduction attempts failed, she reached across and tried to get him to join in. Her epic fail was captured on video and is now online for the world to ‘enjoy.’ It makes for seriously creepy viewing.


Via: Subway Creatures
Seniors and false teeth – often a source of hilarious capers. On the subway? Not so much. Grandma, if you wouldn’t mind keeping your false teeth where they’re supposed to be, instead of twirling them round like a huge, over-sized candy, that’d be just great. Thanks.

There are videos of this subway-riding granny all over the Internet. And in every single one, she’s playing some seriously creepy game with her top deck of teeth. Swirling them in and out of her mouth for the whole train car to see. We all get bored on long journeys, but maybe you should download Candy Crush for entertainment next time, Grandma.


Via: Boredom Therapy

The London tube is a pretty creepy place on any day of the week. Add in two sinister figures that look like they’ve stepped right out of Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and it gets downright terrifying. Passengers were haunted by this spine-chilling duo at several stations and on many journeys under the UK’s capital city. Their dull, lifeless eyes just staring off into the distance will give you nightmares.

The twins were also spotted above ground pushing a pram. No souls were brave enough to peek inside the pram to see whether the baby was just as creepy … which is probably best for the sake of everyone’s sanity.


Via: Subway Creatures
Is there anything more sinister than a woman who’s not only carrying a sledge hammer, but she’s chosen to accessorize it with a Burberry handbag? It’s basically like sticking a big old pre-meditated sticker on her next crime. Maybe she just carries this huge weapon around to make sure she doesn’t get mugged? Or maybe she’s on her way home to take part in a horrifying bludgeoning? It could go either way. Whatever’s happening here, if this woman asks you to give up your seat, don’t give it a second thought, guys. It could be your last…


Via: Subway Creatures
So far we’ve spotted some seriously messed up things on the subway. Creepy, sinister, horrifying and perplexing things all casually traveling on public transport like nothing weird is going on. But do you know what’s missing from our list? That’s right. Some possessed knees. And frankly what use is a list like this without some knees that seem to have been bewitched by the faces of demonic babies?

If these knees appear in a subway car near you, bust out the holy water, frantically whisper some Hail Marys and pray you reach your next stop with your nobbly knees in tip top condition.


Via: Subway Creature & Den Of Geek

Ok, so the talon pun needs a little work, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this woman’s nails are creepy. Imagine the damage she could do with those weapons. Eye-gouging, seriously uncomfortable poking and back scratches that really would just never heal.

But the talons open up a whole world of questions, and there’s one we’re all desperate to ask. How does this woman carry out a normal visit to the bathroom without help? Other questions include: can she open jars, how often does she poke herself in the eye and do her co-workers call her Edward Scissorhands behind her back?


Via: Subway Creatures
The daily commute. One of life’s most tedious tasks that occasionally rewards avid people watchers with some Internet gold. Behold this totally creepy snap. At first glance, you might think ‘aww, check it out, that chick has taken her dog for a ride on the subway’.

Look again and you’ll see that dog is either seriously unwell or rigor mortis has set in. Keen-eyed animal lovers will also notice it’s not a dog … it’s a hyena. More often found on the African plains than in a subway car. Let’s not get bogged down in those details though, because we also have to note the cold stare of the woman clutching the deceased hyena. Because, really what other stare can you pull off when your traveling companion is a dead animal?


Via: Subway Creatures & syfy.com
Everyone sharing a subway car with this woman had to be hoping Samuel L Jackson wasn’t going to make a cameo appearance on their journey. Desperately hoping not to be starring in an impromptu version of Snakes On A Train, all they could do was pray this woman had her python under control.

Why is this woman taking a pet snake on a subway? Is it sick? Angry? And most importantly, will it attack me? Large dangerous snake in a confined underground vehicle traveling at high speed are the stuff of nightmares. And low-rent B-movies that somehow become cult classics. Go figure.


Via: Subway Creatures
If we’ve learned anything from this list, it’s that grandmas that travel on the subway are either super creepy or they’re tooled up and ready for a fight – which is also pretty creepy when you think about it. So this grandma caught wearing a knuckle duster is perfect for bringing our list to a close. The poster-granny for safe underground travels: she can easily get a seat from a young troublemaker with a flash of her clenched fist, rob unsuspecting tourists or knock out a creepy subway perv who might be getting a little too close.

Sock it to ‘em grandma. Wear your knuckle duster with pride and long may you travel safely underground… You won’t catch me hanging out in the subway ever again after compiling this crazy list!

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