15 Most Cringeworthy Sexy Selfie Fails

Nothing does more to strengthen the bond between two individuals than a selfie. Sending a new date or longtime love a picture of yourself just says “You’re the one for me!” more than anything else, don’t you think? Nothing says “These lips were made for kissing!” like pursing them together in the beautiful duck-face expression, right?
Do we sound sarcastic?
Well, let’s just say, we have our reasons. Let’s examine the social phenomenon of the selfie. A selfie is a photo of oneself, taken by oneself, on a phone camera. A selfie can be taken using the front-facing camera, or, for the technologically-advanced, using a mirror placed strategically in front of yourself. These photos are then meant to be shared with your friends, family, crush, significant other, or… let’s be honest: social media followers.
A big off-shoot of the selfie is the “sexy selfie.” These selfies are taken to be shared with your intimate ones only. These typically involve the aforementioned duck face, lingerie, nudity, and a series of body-contorting poses.
The sexy selfie is meant to entice a lover to return to you, look forward to time with you, or praise your beauty. Another common option for sexy selfies, often used by celebrities, is to post a particularly racy “sexy selfie” to social media following a break-up. This can elicit a series of comments and positive feedback, like “Body goals!” and “Sexxxy,” and “Come to Dubai.” on Instagram, which are fantastic for one’s bruised ego.
While people post selfies with the best of intentions (for compliments, naturally), they sometimes crash and burn faster than you can add the beloved Valencia filter to your cleavage. Let’s take a look at some of the most epic sexy selfie fails to date!

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