15 Female Celebrities Who Waited To Show It All And It Was Worth It

According to some religions our bodies are temples that hold our soul and spirit; men and women alike. There is definitely something more sacred about a woman’s body though. Could it be that they are the incubators of life or where all life really begins? Most men would agree with women that their bodies are special and should be handled with the utmost care and respect. There are many beautiful aspects of a woman; their smile, their curves, their eyes, their legs, their breasts, their bottoms, their faces, their hands, their feet; and etc. A woman who bares it all shows us that she is even more amazing as putting your body on display is the ultimate act of confidence. Although, the naysayers may proclaim the opposite; women who share themselves tastefully and for the sake of art are the most exciting and liberated women of all time. There is truly no way to rank the long list of beautiful women who bared it all. This list of “15 Female Celebrities Who Waited to Show It All and It Was Worth It” have been trailblazers of the modern woman letting us all know that good things come to all who wait. This should be a great message to young adults who aren’t necessarily sure about taking their sexuality to the next level. Women and men should take a moment to bow down to these females who redefined what it is to be a woman in modern America.


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Uma Thurman is an outstanding actress and is known for her range in roles from romantic comedies and dramas to thrillers and action movies. She is multi-talented leaving us with the some of the most memorable characters in film; The Bride, Poison Ivy, Mia Wallace, Fantine, Debby Miller, Cecile de Volanges, and Mrs. H to name a few. In the early 80’s, Uma, began her career as a model being featured in Glamour and British Vogue. Thurman began her acting career in 1988 debuting in four films that year. At 18 years old she appeared in the film The Adventures of Baron Munchausen proving to all that a little bit of skin goes a long way. Although, her privates were all covered up by her goddess locks she teased the world and the film goers wanted more. The same year she was in Dangerous Liaisons, holding her own against Michelle Pfeiffer and Glenn Close, where her character gets seduced by John Malkovich. Thurman has stated in interviews that she is not particularly fond of nude scenes however as a professional she wants her characters to evolve. Uma Thurman is one of today’s finest actresses who are able to transform into all of her characters. Although, Uma solidified her status as a sexual icon in the late 80’s even when she is covered we are in awe of her performance.


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Rosario Dawson is one of the most recognizable Puerto Rican women in the film industry. She received her break at the young age of 15 when being discovered by photographer Larry Clark and screenplay writer Harmony Korine who found her perfect for a role in the 1995 film Kids. Kids created much controversy as it touched on many hot topic including sex, homosexuality, and HIV. Rosario continued landing roles and in 1998’s He Got Game she showed us a tease of what was more to come. Dawson continued acting and in 2004 bared it all in Oliver Stone’s Alexander and in 2013 gave all film goers the full frontal as Elizabeth in Trance. As some actresses use roles to boost their popularity Rosario does not. As one of our most diverse actresses of today Dawson has proven that talent is within the soul of a body and not its casing.


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Naomi Campbell is a survivor of the Supermodel Era. Naomi is one of the most recognizable models of the late 80’s and 90’s. Although in the media she is known for her aggressive personality, on the runway she was in complete control and on fire. As a supermodel, your body plays a huge role in your day to day business but great body is just one skill that you need to be successful in the modeling industry. Naomi took it even a step further by crossing over into music, film, television, and reality TV. Campbell first got her start at the young age of 7 where she was featured in a music video for Bob Marley. Throughout her career she was featured in many music videos for artists including Culture Club, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, George Michael, and Madonna. In 1993, Campbell bared it all for Madonna’s Sex book. She was one of many celebrities photographed for the book. In December 1999, Christmas came early as she bared it all again for Playboy confirming her place in history as most notoriously bad but oh so good supermodel and this time she was modelling the crown jewels.


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Let us not count out Alyssa Milano for her contributions to our pop culture society. Alyssa Milano is television royalty; working since 1984 up until today. Alyssa started out as a child star on the hit series Who’s the Boss? What we probably didn’t realize at the time was that she was the boss and would continue being one for decades. Eleven years into her career, Alyssa, decided it was time to shed her good girl image in hopes to landing more adult roles. In 1995, she starred in Embrace the Vampire which was the first in a series of body exposing roles. All of these films were not embraced by many viewers but Alyssa had a cult like following that loved every inch of the footage. Needless to say, Alyssa’s venturing out into the world of nudity didn’t take away from her charming image. Not only has Alyssa still worked steadily she is also known for her political views, active wear line, and she is the yang to Heidi Klum’s yin as the host of Project Runway All-star’s.


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Karina Smirnoff is best known as a professional dancer on the ABC television series Dancing With The Stars. At the ripe age of 11 she began competing in ballroom dancing. In 2006, Karina joined Dancing With The Stars for season three. Karina with her celebrity partner, Mario Lopez, made it to the top two of the season. So far she has been a professional dancer 18 out of 24 seasons. In addition, she was the season thirteen winner alongside her celebrity partner J.R. Martinez. Smirnoff is a five time U.S. National Champion in the Professional Latin Dance Sport. She is a Fordham University graduate with degrees in Economics and Information System Programming. She certainly has the brains to match the beauty. Although, dancing attire does not leave too much to the imagination, Karina decided in 2011 to grace the pages of Playboy where she was able to prove that dancing does a body good.


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Rihanna is a Barbadian singer, songwriter, and actress that burst onto the American music scene in 2005. Since then she has sold over 230 million albums worldwide and is known as one of the most diverse artists in the music industry. Rihanna can sing anything whether it is R&B, hip hop, pop, dance, rock, or a tender ballad. This girl is a chameleon and once stated her idol was Madonna because she appreciated how she could reinvent herself. In addition to her successful music career, Rihanna has taken the plunge into acting proving she is a triple threat. The best thing about this sultry icon is that she is a bit squeamish about seeing herself on the television screen while watching her steamy performance in Bates Motel earlier this year. Although Rihanna has yet to show us every nook and cranny she has definitely fuelled enough wild thoughts to make the list.


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Charlize Theron is a South African American actress who has made her mark on Hollywood in more ways than one. She is a stunning beauty that has starred in a very long list of amazing films alongside some of the best players in Hollywood. Theron has been in film since 1995 and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her work in Monster in 2003. She is the first and only South African American to take home the award. When Charlize is in a film you know you are going to be viewing a tour de force performance as she puts her all into the characters she portrays. She has played a sweet wife of Keanu Reeves in The Devil’s Advocate, serial killer bisexual in Monster, and the wicked Queen Ravenna in the Snow White and Huntsman films. In 1996 we first saw Charlize bare her skin for her role in 2 Days in the Valley. Since then Charlize has proven that she has no insecurities when it comes to nudity. In an interview with W magazine she confirms that she is not hung up with her body. Her confidence is our gain.


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Sharon Stone is one of the most recognizable faces in the business. She has been a working actress since 1980 and in 1992 Stone gave us much more than we ever expected. In 1992 Stone starred along Michael Douglas in the classic sexual thriller Basic Instinct and she was committed to the depiction of character Catherine Trammell. It was a career move that catapulted this bombshell onto a level where her talents were meant to be. Not only did the film become one of the top grossing films of the 90’s, approximately earning $350 million plus worldwide, it also gave a glimpse as to how far Sharon would go for a controversy. Her sexual delivery of this role sent her directly into sex symbol status and into her next steamy role in Sliver alongside the hottest Baldwin; Billy. Needless to say, when you see Sharon there is just a natural sexiness to her. She can be fully clothed from head to toe and there is just something about her. Stone has went on continuing her career and starring in great films like Last Action Hero, Intersection, If These Walls Could Talk 2, Cold Creek Manor, Lovelace, and Fading Gigolo just to name a few. Although, we will never erase from our memory when Catherine Trammell asked Detective Nick “Have you ever fucked on cocaine, Nick?” followed up by “It’s nice”.


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Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is the perfect blend of African-American, English, and German. Not only is she beautiful, she is mega talented and has been actively acting since 1989. As we all know, Halle Berry is the first and only African-American woman to win the Best Actress in a Lead Role at the Oscars in 2001 for her role in Monsters Ball. It was ten years before Halle showed off some of the goods in 2000’s Swordfish and it was well worth the wait. Not to mention, she received a hefty increase in pay for going topless; apparently $500,000. This set the stage for her next film, Monsters Ball, where she shared so much more and solidified her acting chops that led her to one of the greatest Academy Award wins of all time. Recently, Halle took to her Instagram account to show us all how good 50 looks.


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Olivia Munn is an American actress who got her start in television and she is scheduled for a powerhouse year in 2018 with the release of five movies including X-Men-Dark Phoenix, The Predator, and Oceans Eight. Munn is the essential all American girl as she is sexy, geeky, sporty, and talented. An intelligent woman with the face and body of Munn who likes video games, sports, and surfing sounds like a dream for most men. In addition to acting, Olivia has modeled and served as a reporter and host at various events and shows. In 2009, she graced the cover of Playboy while teasing her fan base as she did not appear nude in the edition. In 2012 she turned up the heat in Magic Mike and The Babymakers. Munn technically didn’t create the 212 degrees on purpose however a series of leaked photos made their way onto the internet solidifying that she is full steam.


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Drew Barrymore is of Hollywood royalty who has been acting since 1978. At that time she was only three years old. Of course, by now we all know she was first recognized in 1982’s E.T the Extra Terrestrial. After 10 years of acting and being part of the legendary Barrymore family, Drew decided that is was her time to spice up her image. In her late teens, Barrymore solidified herself as a teenage seductress by starring in Poison Ivy, posing nude on the cover of Interview magazine, and then posing nude for Playboy at the age of 19. The best part of Drew Barrymore’s venture into sexual freedom was that there was not much backlash for it because we love her. After her few years of being a wild child, Drew reinvented her persona and continued on as a highly bankable actress. Barrymore was and still is a respected actress and producer.


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At almost 60 years old, Madonna, still gives us all that she has got. A dancer, singer, songwriter, producer, director, actress, author, and philanthropist all rolled up into one major powerful woman. We should bow down to worlds one and only Queen of Pop as she has been a force to reckon with for decades. Madonna is the artist that single handedly redefined what it is to be a woman in the music industry. It unfair that age haters have tried to limit her. If Rihanna or Taylor Swift released Rebel Heart, her last album, we would still be hearing the critically acclaimed songs on heavy rotation floating at the top of the Billboard charts. When you think of Madonna you think of sex as no other artist in the last 40 years has been as sexually revolutionary. Early on in her career, nude pictures of Madonna made headlines as they landed into adult magazines which she shrugged off because at that time she was not baring these gifts to us on her terms. It wasn’t until Madonna wanted us to see it all that it made a social impact. Madonna has always been a sexual artist and when she bared it all she definitely became a sexual icon. She has paved the way for almost all women in music to be who they want to be. Now let’s get back to treating the Queen like a Queen.


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Heather Graham first got noticed in 1988 when she starred as the leading lady, Mercedes, opposite of teen star Corey Haim in License to Drive. This talented bombshell landed many film roles from then on and then gave us her all in 1997 when she starred in Boogie Nights as porn star Roller girl alongside Mark Wahlberg and Julianne Moore. Of course, playing a porn star would lead to showing off all of your goodies however Graham took the opportunity to show Hollywood that when you’re good your good but when you are committed to a role you are a showstopper. Heather Graham continued wearing the crown of sex symbol for many years to come. Although, she may not be bearing her body parts these days Heather is still working steadily and knows the impact she has made toward women and sexuality in the media and on the big screen.


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Kim Kardashian is the gift that keeps on giving. There is something so innocent about Kim though. Its likes she bares it all but then has a conscious about it. There have been times that she wasn’t intentionally showing us the goodies which then resulted in some emotional and actually humorous reality TV. For years Kim Kardashian was known for being a socialite that was in the same circle as Paris Hilton. She was also known as Bruce Jenner’s step daughter and OJ Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian’s daughter. Kim was relatively a personality that was bubbling under the radar. She was soon to be a reality TV star in October 2007 as Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s was set to premier. Of course, that didn’t stop a certain sex tape from being entered into the universe months before. The sex tape featured Kim with her then boyfriend Ray J engaging in sexual activity. The plus for Kim, although she was embarrassed, is that it ignited her dimly lit star to shine bright like a diamond in the sky. Unfortunately, Ray J was left behind engulfed in her stardust. Kim’s career started off with a scandal that allowed her to become the phenomenon that is before us today.


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Julianne Moore is one of Hollywood’s best actresses. She got her start as an actress in 1985 as a regular in the CBS soap opera As the World Turns and won her first award, a Daytime Emmy, for her performance. Once she left the soap opera world she began her film career which started in 1989 and is still going strong today. Not to mention she has her hands in multiple television series. Julianne has an Oscar, a few Golden Globes, a Daytime Emmy, a Primetime Emmy, and her IMDb page boasts a total of 111 award wins and 155 award nominations. Moore proves that her acting is the real deal. In 1993, our sexy ginger bared it all in Short Cuts and since then she has no fear in baring her skin on the big screen all for the sake of artistic expression. Julianne has even been quoted as finding the intimacy in kissing scenes more challenging that disrobing.

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