15 Fit Celebs Who Take Yoga Pants To A Whole New Level

The image of beautiful women in tight yoga pants is truly breathtaking. Perhaps this is why our hot celebs today take their diets and workout programs so seriously. They’re charming, cherished and quite fit as well. Well, it’s obvious that their fitness dedication and genes have been working harmoniously all these years. While some of them can’t break free from the limelight, there are others who are just “behind the camera”. Anna Kaiser, Mary Helen Bowers, and Eliza Dushku are great examples of how captivating they are even as celeb fitness trainers. For instance, did you know that the renowned Mary Helen Bowers was actually the one who trained Natalie Portman for her significant appearance in Black Swan? Yes, Blame it all on Ms. Bowers! Indeed, she’s just as hot as her famous “clients” she gets to train.

As for today, we’ll touch upon some of the hottest women whose attractive looks can make any guy daydream about them. Join us on our exciting journey through #15 of the most glamorous celebs who take yoga pants to a whole new level, well, a hotter one for sure.


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Anna Kaiser is our first beautiful “participant” in this glamorous and pretty spontaneous “competition”. All joking aside – Anna Kaiser is a great source of fitness inspiration for so many women out there. Surely, her fan base includes a ton of greatly known celebs as well. Just allow us to mention a few names here, like Sofia Vergara, Kelly Ripa, Shakira or even the amazing Sarah Jessica Parker. As you can see, this hot and fit lady is indeed a professional dancer whose banging body and lovely smile will never cease to amaze us. Bottom line: Anna’s creative methods of keeping fat deposits at bay work pretty well for her famous clients and herself too.


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Dear, Eliza, we feel obliged to thank you for all of your femininity and gorgeousness you infused our world with! While looking at her amazing wardrobe picks and street styles, it’s simply impossible not to recall her epic butt-kicking scenes in Angel & Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. Perhaps she owes her toned abs and tight legs to all of these badass scenes. Thanks to them, our lovely Eliza Dushku enjoys a banging shape which makes so many girls feel extremely envious. So girls, if you’d love to get in such a tip-top shape, you had better bust a move or two more regularly.


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Previously known as a model, the stunning Astrid McGuire made her first big breakthrough the moment she entered the sweaty world of fitness and sports. Thanks to her knowledge and effective workout plans, the wonderful Astrid managed to become a cherished fitness trainer. As such, she didn’t need much time to become a sought-after personal trainer by many celebs. There’s no doubt that Astrid really managed to make a name for herself as a renowned fitness trainer. Put in a nutshell, her healthy ideas and workout plans are greeted by lots of women, like Julianne Hough and Stacey Keibler. Ultimately, Astrid’s fit body and tight yoga pants must be such a great source of inspiration for all of her clients!


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Oh, Kate, why do you have to be so amazing?! Our stunning girl happens to be a great fitness enthusiast as well. We can totally bet that you too had no idea about it, right? Kate Hudson is indeed a successful actress and a powerful fitness inspiration. Thus, we just can’t take our eyes off her that easily. Apart from her glorious acting career, she’s got her own fitness clothing line that is yet to challenge the street reign of other major sports brands. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong. Our wonderful Kate’s got her own fitness items going by the name of Fabletics. Well, it definitely seems like Kate Hudson is a genius who turned her fitness hobby into a lucrative business.


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Oh, this Columbian beauty only makes us think of two words “fire” and “fury”. Such a diva just won’t be able to get out of the limelight even if she wanted to. Well, we don’t believe that she would ever want to be forgotten by her fans anyway. In fact, she’s often spotted in super tight or skin-revealing outfits that are just way too much. It’s true that she’s got the curves but it doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to show it off every now and then. And yet she does it and men can only praise her for it. After all, she’s a smoking hot lady who looks amazing even at 45 years old.


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While taking care of her famous clients, Ashley Borden simply kills it too. She’s gorgeous, fit, and, obviously, she loves wearing tight yoga pants. Surely, women love flaunting their curves in hot yoga pants just as much as men love watching them. As for that, Ashley Borden is an ideal example to present this idea and convey this feminine message in the best way. Also, Ashley Borden’s great shape is greeted by lots of other gorgeous celebs, such as Christina Aguilera or even the handsome Ryan Gosling. Bottom line: no man would be able to look away from such a splendid view even if the sky falls down. Long live yoga pants!


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While many celebs often throw major shade at Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner somehow manages to stay out of the trouble. If it weren’t for her Victoria Secret’s wings and shiny participation in its brilliant show, she would probably be an object of the same rumors and gossips. Unlike her sisters, however, Kendall Jenner became a successful model who works for lots of great international fashion brands. We all know that Kardashians are only famous “for being famous”. But thankfully, Kendall Jenner didn’t get overshadowed by her family’s mighty reign. Anyway, Kendall absolutely deserves her Victoria Secret’s wings. After all, she must have sweated a lot at the gym to get such defined curves, obliques and abs.


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Jessica’s major fan base will always remember her great movie roles in awesome movies, such as Good Luck Chuck or Into the Blue. These famous movies helped her stand out from the rest and become more recognized down the street. But aside from her successful acting career, Jessica Alba hardly relies on her beautiful face to achieve her goals. She’s actually the co-founder of a non-toxic cosmetic brand named “The Honest Company”. She definitely deserves a high-five for her investment. Same applies to her super tight and sexy yoga pants. Bring it on, Jess! They look so great on you!


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Much like Sofia Vergara, Jennifer Lopez’s got a hot temperament that even her fitness equipment cannot hold in place. We all know Jennifer Lopez as a hot dancing queen the moment she comes up on stage. Put in a nutshell, she knows how to bust a move and have her audience fully entertained every minute of her great shows. Well, she’s been exactly like this over the years and there’s no sign of her reign ever letting up. Even now, Jennifer Lopez is still in a killer shape as her backside is rumored to have been insured for at least a few millions. So much for rationality!


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Meet the social media starlet whose defined abs and backside made her a real sensation! Also, Jen is often referred to as the woman with the finest body which makes so many women green with envy. As for guys, it’d be safe to say that they could only dream of meeting her one day. Actually, they could run into her as long as they know where to find this walking & talking fitness beast. From the look of things, it definitely seems like Jen loves spending much time in the gym. After all, this is where the greatest changes happen!


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Holly, Molly! This gorgeous lady is definitely a living proof that girls who lift are extremely hot as well. Unlike many other women, Holly Perkins don’t rely on salads and fruits to build her lean muscle and sexy figure. Instead, she lifts weights and that’s what makes her look so fierce! All in all, Holly Perkins simply knows how to get along with guys too and help them be a better version of themselves. Thanks to her useful fitness tips and tricks, all of her famous celebs are actually in a pretty decent shape as well! Obviously, Holly Perkins is a fine teacher whose fitness lessons are simply priceless. You see, Holly is a tough chick whose feminine curves are definitely on point. No pain. No gain, right?


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The wonderful Bella loves wearing her hot pairs of yoga pants just as much as Gigi, and perhaps even more. In fact, Bella can be spotted rocking her sexy yoga pants quite often. When you think about her shiny career, Bella must be really fed up with all of her publicity and glamor. Thus, she’s very likely to choose her comfy jeans or yoga pants over something more shiny and fabulous during the day. As you can see, Bella doesn’t mind walking around in casual styles. Besides, this street style really suits her! Maybe her stunning sister should look up to Bella’s casual picks as well.


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Meet this American beauty whose mind-blowing ballet skills will remain locked in our minds for eternity. Sadly, the beautiful Mary Helen Bowers is no longer a trending ballet dancer since her retirement. But still, Mary managed to come up with an effective way to keep herself in a tip-top shape by practicing her most favorite sport and activity. Actually, Mary was the one who took care of Natalie Portman’s figure for her fascinating role as a ballet dancer in Black Swan. In fact, Natalie’s spellbinding impersonation didn’t go unnoticed by the reputable Oscars Jury. Therefore, it’s fair to link her success to Mary’s great and diligent work too. Today Mary Helen Bowers is one of the most cherished and widely-known fitness trainers whose curves greatly inspire!


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Oh, the exotic Gigi Hadid! Isn’t she amazing!? We can’t deny that Gigi’s got something really special and unique that the modern industry of modeling deeply appreciates. Nowadays she’s definitely a great sensation whose exceptional magazine covers keep us awake at night. Well, it’s not hard to see why. She graced the pages of high-top fashion & sports magazines, such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Elle, etc. Well, her magnetic presence can really light up the room.Indeed, she’s our favorite walking inspiration whose fascinating fashion sense and fitness ideas drive us totally nuts!


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Meet Candice – another beautiful VS Angel – who has apparently forgotten her wings for this beautiful photo. Just kidding. As stunning as she is, Candice hardly needs to model for renowned magazines anymore. In fact, she’s considered one of the best-earning models these days. Surely, her extraordinary beauty meets no comparison as she’s also featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 list. Well, we’re pretty sure that Candice overshadowed the other 99 women with her feminine looks and captivating smile. Now we know why all men are so hooked on her…

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