15 Funniest Texts From People Who Hate Their Ex

Did it ever happen that the garbage that you threw you out, walked up to your door and begged you to let it in and stink your life a bit more? Don’t focus on the impossibility of the situation; the main point is- would you take back something that was making your life toxic. No, any sane human won’t.

Some exes in our life are like that garbage- stinking, toxic waste trying to creep back in our life. Not all relationships end on a bitter note, but some do. And most of the times one of them is to be blamed for most of the disaster. With this person, the option of “no contact” is the best one. But often this one crazy, utterly stupid ex-surfaces and tries to slither back in the otherwise peaceful existence of yours. This procedure has become all the easier in this modern era of texting, where a simple “Hi” is enough to ignite the deathly fire of anger, to make you want to murder them in the most painful way possible.

For them, it feels as if nothing went wrong, that their mistakes are forgiven, hell even forgotten. How dare they! Well, dream on dumba**. Never going to happen. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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