15 Most Horrible Things Emma Watson Has Ever Done

For a lot of Harry Potter fans, Emma Watson is their big screen heroine, their idol, and even their divine goddess. There’s nothing that Emma can do or say that is wrong or controversial. And while there’s no denying that Emma is a beautiful actress with some raw talent, it’s her attitude that needs a major adjustment. She might be an A-lister, but it’s her personality that often makes her Z-list.

There’s also a cold, nasty side to Emma Watson that a lot of people simply don’t know about. As a matter of fact, a lot of critics have long been rolling their eyes over her “twee, faux-feminism” shtick that she simply needs to give up. If that weren’t enough, there are more than a handful of reports that say Emma is a difficult, snotty actress with a bad case of diva behavior. Not only is she difficult to work with because of her outrageous demands, but she treats her fans and movie extras like dirt. It’s no wonder that so many people keep their distance from Emma like she’s the plague. With that being said, here are 15 of the most horrible things Emma Watson has ever done. You’d be surprised by all of the awful things she’s done and said.

15. She Snubs Her Fans

Emma Watson once admitted that she hates it whenever her fans approach her on the street. And that’s totally understandable, as even Hollywood stars have the right to privacy and to live normal lives. But that also doesn’t mean that Emma has the right to act pretentious or choose who she wants to take a selfie with or who she will sign an autograph for.

Emma once said that she’ll only stop and take the time out of her busy schedule to talk to her youngest fans. In other words, she has no time for her adult fans, or those who have grown up to love and idolize her since her Harry Potter years. And a lot of people think that’s totally unfair, considering they are the ones who buy tickets to her movies and help keep her name in the headlines. Beggars really can’t be choosers even if you are a Hollywood diva, right?

14. She’s A “Feminist Fraud”

A lot of people didn’t like the fact that an actress like Emma Watson, who has such a young following, would do risqué photoshoots or expose herself in films. And for some critics, they say that she was also doing a poor job of masking her supposed “feminist values.”

One outspoken critic was Piers Morgan. The British television personality called Emma a feminist fraud. He said, “The problem is that you haven’t always had this attitude to feminism and bo*b-flashing. It was no accident that she chose to take off her clothes and parade topless under a skimpy white crocheted bolero jacket. She also exposed herself to some as a feminist fraud, someone who professes to want other women to have the ‘freedom and liberation’ to decide how they behave as feminists, but who actually wants to dictate to them how they behave as feminists.” Harsh words.

13. She Bared It All In A Magazine

We just alluded to one of the acts that Emma has received the most backlash for. Emma Watson shocked her fans when she decided to bare it all for the cover of Vanity Fair in 2017. The actress was promoting her new movie, Beauty and the Beast. I mean, a Disney actress shedding her clothes for the world to see? That is pretty questionable timing.

A lot of people slammed Emma for being a hypocrite and not a real feminist. Emma, for her part, responded to the backlash by explaining, “It just always reveals to me how many misconceptions and what a misunderstanding there is about what feminism is. Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It’s about freedom, it’s about liberation, it’s about equality. I really don’t know what my [bo*bs] have to do with it. It’s very confusing.” Sure, Emma. Whatever you say.

12. She’s Cold To Journalists And Photographers

A lot of Hollywood actors and actresses will tell you that press junkets are never easy. Even though they are often mandatory, a lot of stars are asked the same repeated questions from journalists over and over again. Needless to say, it can get both boring and nauseating fast.

But for Emma Watson, she won’t even pretend to go through the motions when it comes to answering questions, or dealing with the press, for that matter. Many eyewitnesses have said that she’s often cold to journalists and photographers during red carpet premieres. Emma Watson not there to answer stupid questions about her latest box office flop. Instead, she just wants to look pretty, take a few photos, and get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

11. She’s Struggled To Make Friends At College

There’s a good reason why Emma Watson is rarely photographed with her girl friends or people her age whenever she’s out and about. It’s because she doesn’t have any friends. Many have said that she used to keep her distance and refuse to talk to anyone who wasn’t as beautiful, powerful, or as talented as she is. Okay, that last part might be an exaggeration but she sure as heck didn’t put in any effort into talking to non-famous types when she was at school.

If that weren’t enough, Emma rarely makes any public appearances with her Harry Potter co-stars, either. She hasn’t been seen with the likes of Daniel Radcliffe or any of her other former co-stars either. While there’s no doubt that Hollywood is a cold and lonely place, it is an even colder and lonelier place for Emma.

10. She Acts Like A Divine Goddess

A lot of people have said that Emma Watson has acted like a divine goddess whenever she’s on the red carpet. She expects all eyes to be on her and thinks that she’s one of the most flawless people to ever walk on this planet.

Sure, Emma Watson is a very pretty young girl. But is she the most beautiful female in the entertainment business, let alone the entire world? A lot of people would argue that she is pretty average among celebrities. But that hasn’t stopped Emma from keeping her head up high and pretending that she’s the best thing that’s ever happened since sliced bread. Let’s get real here. We are talking about an actress who used to play Hermione on the big screen. Simply put, she has a long way to go if she wants to be the next Sophia Loren.

9. She Was Too Demanding For La La Land

It seems as though Emma Watson’s nasty attitude lost her the opportunity of a lifetime when the lead role of the Oscar-winning movie La La Land went to fellow Hollywood actress Emma Stone instead of her. As a matter of fact, reports have indicated that Emma was apparently “too demanding” and acted like a huge diva towards the film’s producers.

According to the Daily Mail, one insider explained, “Watson was offered the lead female role, but she initially wouldn’t commit. Then she began making all these crazy demands, like rehearsals for the film must be done in London — for a film called La La Land! They jumped through hoops to make it work with her, but she just didn’t feel the film was right for her.” Honestly, the movie was better off without her.

8. She Insults People Who Aren’t Famous

If you aren’t a Hollywood A-lister, you might want to prepare yourself to get insulted by the divine Emma Watson. She really doesn’t care who you are, where you come from, or what you’re doing if you are not the person signing her multi-million dollar contract at the end of the day.

One person recalled how Emma lost her sh*t at a co-worker at Universal Studios. She wanted to go on a Shrek ride but instead of being patient and courteous, she said some really nasty things to one of the employees at the park. She allegedly said to the person that he is “a plebeian that doesn’t understand what it’s like to be this famous.” Whoa. It sounds like Emma doesn’t understand what it’s like to be nice and normal, either.

7. Her Alleged Leaked Images

For Emma Watson, her reputation as being Hollywood’s good girl is very important to her. After all, she’s a childhood star who could have easily gone the wrong route in Hollywood. But instead of hitting the clubs and rubbing elbows with reality stars, Emma keeps her distance from those she believes are beneath her.

That’s why so many people were shocked about her leaked photos. As a matter of fact, Emma was a victim of a huge photo leak in early 2017 when someone hacked into her personal e-mail accounts. She responded by immediately threatening legal action. To this day, no one knows how the hackers stole her photos, but one thing is for certain; Emma isn’t the sweet little girl everyone once considered her to be. Emma, in her defence, says the photos were part of a clothes fitting from several years ago.

6. Her Diva Behavior

While there’s no denying that Emma Watson is still young and that she still has a lot to learn, many are already calling her a Hollywood diva because of her snotty attitude and outrageous demands.

According to reports, Emma acted like a diva during the Elle Style Awards in early 2017. She acted like she wasn’t interested in the awards ceremony, showed up 90 minutes late to the event, and completely snubbed the red carpet. One source told the Daily Mail, “Emma clearly wasn’t interested in the event. She showed up 90 minutes late for the event and refused to walk the red carpet. She also insisted on only having her picture taken in a special room with her chosen photographer rather than alongside all the other stars at the bash. She was behaving like a diva.”

5. She Was Accused Of Using Alan Rickman’s Death To “Push Feminism”

According to reports, she shared a Twitter photo of Alan along with the message, “There is nothing wrong with a man being a feminist, I think it is to our mutual advantage.” Many people slammed her for apparently using his death to promote her feminist ideas. One critic responded to her by writing, “So the feminist Emma Watson used the death of Alan Rickman’s to push her agenda. Pathetic. Disgusting. Another reason why I’m a meninist.” Some believed that Emma would have been better off by saying nothing at all.

4. She Hooked Up With A Shady Ex-Boyfriend

It’s no secret that Emma Watson doesn’t like talking about her personal life with the media. In fact, she almost never talks about her love life, her family, or the things she loves to do off-camera. And there might be a good reason behind it. Back in 2011, reports indicated that Emma’s ex-boyfriend Johnny Simmons was a super shady character with a troubled past.

At one point, Emma was even willing to quit college and go rogue with Johnny. One source close to the situation at the time said, “People think he’s using her to raise his profile. All she has ever wanted was to fall desperately head over heels in love, and she feels like she’s finally found that. She won’t listen to her pals and is falling for all the sweet things he’s saying.” Love is blind, isn’t it?

3. She Threatened To Quit Harry Potter

The Harry Potter franchise was once put on the line because of Emma Watson. That’s because she almost threatened to quit the series when she was just 16. If that weren’t enough, she called the entire experience “agonizing,” despite the fact that she profited pretty well over the movies and that it helped make her the household name she is today.

Emma even said, “I love to make people laugh and I love being creative, but there are so many other things I love doing too. I have such a structure when I’m working on Potter. I get told what time I get picked up. I get told what time I can eat, when I have time to go to the bathroom. Every single second of my day is not in my power. I hate to sound whiny, but it’s horrible.”

2. She Treats Movie Extras Like Dirt

A lot of people say that you can really see someone’s true colors by the way they treat other people, or when it comes to Hollywood actors, the way they treat extras on the set of a movie. And it looks like Emma is the kind of person who will treat you like you’re invisible. In other words, if you will have the opportunity to work with the actress, be prepared to be treated like you don’t exist.

According to one eyewitness, Emma supposedly pushed through a crowd of extras while shouting, “Excuse me, I’m coming though!” The person went on to say that Emma “pushed a small young extra out the way, but luckily the extra was caught by another extra just in time so she didn’t fall into the mud.” The worst part is that she didn’t even stop to offer any help, either!

1. She Refuses To Mingle With Classmates

While there’s no doubt that Emma Watson wanted to have the college experience when she was younger, she wanted it without any college classmates or friends nearby. Many insiders have said that she acted like a snobby brat during her years at Brown University. She didn’t go to any college parties, didn’t make any lifelong friends and certainly didn’t talk to any of her fans, either.

As a matter of fact, one of her classmates even recalled her snotty attitude at school by saying that she refused to talk to any of the guys in her class. It’s no wonder that Emma dropped out of college when she did. When asked she she dropped out, Emma said, “I was in denial. I wanted to pretend I wasn’t as famous as I was. I was trying to seek out normality, but I kind of have to accept who I am, the position I’m in, and what happened.”

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