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15 Hot Actresses Who Have Even Hotter Sisters

Beautiful actresses are everywhere we look. These days, it’s more difficult to find an average-looking actress than it is to find a gorgeous one. It just comes with the territory. Now, we’re not complaining, but it’s our fault things are this way. We, as the general film-viewing audience, enjoy watching attractive humans. If we’re going spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in a theater sitting through a drama about two people falling in love and then one of them dying in the end, we better have some super gorgeous people to look at. Otherwise, what’s the point? Oh, that reminds us. Right about now, let’s all take a deep breath. We’re going to be talking about people’s looks here. No need to get your nose all bent out of joint because we’re judging people.

As we discussed, many actresses are hot. This is clear. Attractiveness comes from our biological parents blending their genes together. It stands to reason that, where there’s one attractive child, there is often another. Sure, sometimes Mother Nature mucks this all up and one sibling is hot and the other is a goblin. That kind of cruelty happens, but it’s rare. That understanding got us thinking. What if hot actresses have even hotter sisters?

On this list, we’re going to be partaking in an exercise that is kind of silly. We’ll be comparing the looks of incredibly hot women. Yes, the title implies hotter than, but can we really say that one sibling is better-looking than the other when they’re both gorgeous? Sometimes, yeah, but it’s tough. Instead, we’ll just be looking at which actresses have really hot sisters. These aren’t the well-known siblings either. For the most part, each of the siblings on this list have done well to stay out of the limelight. While their sisters have been off becoming millionaires and gaining incredible fame, the sexy siblings have just gone about their normal lives looking really good. For some, “normal” might not be the best descriptor of their lives. Some are less well-known actresses; some are models. No matter what they do, all are stunning.

Here are 15 Hot Actresses Who Have Even Hotter Sisters.

15. Audrina Partridge – Casey Patridge

14. Sienna Miller – Savannah Miller

13. AnnaLynne McCord – Angel and Rachel McCord

12. Liv Tyler – Chelsea Tyler

11. Malin Akerman – Jennifer Akerman

10. Jessica Lowndes – Jackie Lowndes

9. Shannyn Sossamon – Jenny Lee Lindberg

8. Cara Delevingne – Poppy Delevingne

7. Penélope Cruz – Monica Cruz

6. Gemma Arterton – Hannah Arterton

5. Naya Rivera – Nickayla Rivera

4. The Zima Sisters

3. Victoria Justice – Madison Grace Reed

2. Bella Thorne – Kailie Thorne

1. Rashida Jones – Kidada Jones

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