15 Little Things That Men Don’t Realize How Much They Mean To Women

Women care about little things and a simple act of kindness can win their heart. The list contains all the simple and little things that men never realize how much these mean to their women. I am sure if men start realizing these, they can make their girls happier than ever. You will have her heart all the way and she will never think of breaking the relationship. Practice them and show your women how much you love them. These will change everything in your relationships.

1. This means a lot to a woman when her man compliments her on something she assumed you would not notice like new shades of nail polish or lipstick.

2. Telling her that a song, commercial or movie reminds you of her. This is really something she will be surprised to listen and it will fill her heart with love that you take so much care of her.

3. Sending her Good Morning messages and texting her when you miss her in the office. She will know you are always thinking of her and it’s a great sign to make a relationship work.

4. Never forgetting the birthday of her mom and other family members.

5. Offering to do dishes, set tables and do other house chores even when it’s her turn.

6. And noticing when she puts her hair up in a new do that you’ve never seen before.

7. Asking her how her day was when you get back home from work. She will be happy to hear that you are concerned about her every single day.

8. When you are taking a ride with her, put on music she likes. It will be a kind of surprise for her and she will definitely have a beautiful smile on her face.

9. Clearing out a drawer in your room, so she has a place to keep her stuff.

10. Consulting her before making decisions that will impact her.

11. Calling her beautiful and praising her every single day. Believe me, these little things make a relationship the perfect one and realize your partner how careful you are about them.

12. Adding her picture with you on your social media account and profile. She will know you are a brave man who doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about his choice.

13. Giving her a hug and saying “I love you” before you leave for the work. The same should be practice when enter your home after work. How beautiful!

14. Telling her she looks gorgeous as soon as she wakes up.

15. Setting up a romantic date and doing all of the planning yourself.

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