15 people who will never win a Nobel Prize but they will make you die of laughter

If you thought you had seen it all, this is definitely for you. Incredible as it may seem, there is no doubt that humanity is out of control and there are those who are not even able to recognize such simple things that obey common sense.

After looking at this, you will not doubt your intelligence again. These are the 20 people who definitely do not know the meaning of common sense, LITERAL:

1. Who needs alarms, locks, chains or security guards can resort to this effective method anti-theft.


2. Having water resistance does not mean putting her in a friend’s pool.

3. “Yes queso compadre,” said before the photo.

4. No idea what the tires are for.

5. What it is to have not the slightest idea.

6. If it works with the carpet, do not work with the patio leaves.

7. Infinite electricity.

8. He forgot how to sit.

9. Either they are very stupid or someone is too cruel.

10. We swear to you that it is not playback.

11. Washing the van thoroughly.

12. I do not think I understand how the umbrella works.

13. It’s definitely not the smartest militia ever.

14. Another genius such as the bicycle.

15. Surely everything will work ou.

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