15 Pics Only People With Dirty Minds Will Laugh At

Think you’ve got a semi-perverse mind, or know someone who does? Next time someone astonishes you for having a dirty mind, you’d do well to remember this.
Ed Cooke came up with a fascinating theory about the ‘naughty’ imagination. At the mere age of 23 he became a Grand Master of Memory. His success comes from his argument that our brains are wired to remember bizarre and debauched mental images like nothing else. It’s quite simple really, he believes that shocking images are more easily remembered. Makes sense, right? For example, if you’re memorizing the order of a deck of cards, by placing the representative images in a path throughout the house you are 80% more likely to remember the order than trying to do it without.
Most of the difficulties people have with memory are not that they forget completely, but they have difficulty recalling that particular memory. The key to finding the memory is to make it as bright and attention-grabbing as possible. So, stop being ashamed of yourself and start putting that dirty mind of yours to good use, who knows what it could help you to achieve. Why not give it a whirl and see if it works for you?
If you see something naughty looking at these images, then your brain is 27% more filthy than the average person’s.

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