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15 Reasons Why Women Actually Cheat More Than Men

Men are considered dogs, pigs and monsters because of their supposed cheating habits. Can you really blame them for saying this? Time and time again we prove them right. Allow me to let you guys in on a little secret. Women actually cheat more than men! It really is true. It can be for various reasons. It’s an odd presumption that women don’t ever cheat when in actuality they are just as prone as men, if not more. So, wipe that sweat off your forehead ladies. It’s about time someone exposed all the cheating ladies in the world!


Remember that time you told her that you were too busy watching the game to talk? Or how about that time you told her that you just wanted to go hangout with the fellas instead of staying home with her? Well they may not seem like a big deal but to her it is. While you were out hanging out with your friends she was home lonely and depressed. Now I know what you’re thinking it was just one night! Trust me I know I know but for a female she wants all of your attention at all times. So if you’re not willing to give it to her than trust me another guy will!


Unfortunately a lot of men out there have cheated on their partner but for a lot of women it takes more than just one spot of infidelity for them to leave. Women forgive but they rarely forget. It doesn’t matter if it was five years ago or five days ago she will always remember what you did and keep it in the back of her mind. Although many women don’t actually plan on cheating it just happens at times. Women can be haunted by their own guilt so in order to justify cheating to themselves they just simply remembering when you did it to her.


When it comes to cheating, many if not all men feel as though they are masters at it and will never get caught by their partners. Let me hit you guys with a reality check. It’s the women who are the true masters of cheating! Guys have a tendency to expose themselves. How so you ask? Well we’ll do little things such as not show her our text messages and call logs and disappear for long stretches of the day without a valid excuse. You’ll never catch a woman doing any of that. She’ll show you her phone and tell you her whereabouts just to make you feel comfortable. Women cheat because they simply feel confident that they won’t get caught in the first place.


There are a ton of men that just flat out don’t pay attention to much of anything. We don’t do it on purpose it’s just something that happens naturally. Since so many men suffer from being clueless it gives women the perfect opportunity to cheat. Men often times don’t even realize when their partner changes their hairstyle so we have no chance of ever finding out that she’s actually cheating. I can sit here and tell men across the world to be more attentive to their woman but I’m pretty sure more than half of them zoned out in the middle of reading this article!


All women want to feel wanted and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with you. I know that sounds confusing so let me explain. Of course a woman wants her man to want her but after a certain amount of time a woman begins to lose interest. It’s sad but it’s true! Sometimes it can be a bad thing when someone gets comfortable in a relationship. A woman needs to feel wanted, she needs to feel as though she’s the most beautiful and important person in the world. If her partner begins to slip in that aspect than her eyes will begin to wonder and eventually she will find a man or several men that will make her feel as though she is important.


Isn’t this saying true in just about every aspect of life? Two jobs are better than one because it brings in double the money, two cars are better than one because you get to choose exactly what car you want to drive today. What can be better than having an awesome boyfriend or an awesome girlfriend? How about having two of them? Two people making you food, two people cleaning up after you and most importantly two people to bring into the bedroom. Now I’m sure guys are reading this and thinking I’m the only man she needs. Wrong! I’m sure you’re a great boyfriend but if she had two of you she would be twice as happy!


Cooking, cleaning, taking care of the house and kids while giving you all of the affection and attention you can ask for. That’s the mark of a good woman. That’s also what makes them such good cheaters. Women know that if any cheating occurs during the relationship that it will more than likely come from the guys side. Us guys do certain things that make it obvious as well. When we start to cheat we’ll give our partner less attention than normal, we won’t reply back to texts as fast. We won’t even come home on some nights and then come back home the next morning and simply say we got drunk and slept in the car or at a friends house. A woman however will never change any of her tendencies. She will still continue to do everything she normally does. She may seem like she’s not doing anything but behind your back she’s sleeping with another man and you’ll never know because it’s so unexpected.


Here’s the difference between a woman and a man. A man can cheat on his partner because he finds someone else very attractive but that does not mean he wants to be with her, it just means he wants to be with her for the moment and then go home to his woman. That’s because he’s not emotionally invested in her but instead he is just physically attracted to her. A woman on the other hand more times than not needs an emotional connection. Not all women are like this however but the ones that are just can’t simply cheat on their partner because they’ve found someone else that looks attractive. It’s why often times you are more likely to find a woman leaving her partner for someone else while you are most likely to find a man just cheating on his partner but with no intentions of actually leaving her. If a woman feels as though she is no longer invested in you emotionally than there isn’t much that you can possibly do to build that part of the relationship back up.


Breaking up is hard to do! No one wants to be labeled as the person who broke someone else’s heart. Feelings dissolve at different paces. Just because she’s over you doesn’t mean that he is and vice versa. The best breakups occur when both partners agree that the relationship is going downhill and it’s best to just separate. Unfortunately those situations are hard to come by. What’s more likely to happen is that one person is ready to leave while the other is desperate to hold on. Now sure technically you’ll still have the title of being her “boyfriend” but emotionally she’ll already be gone and cheating on you with someone else.


For reasons I’m not quite sure of women have a tendency to get bored quickly and as a man it can become almost a second job to keep our women happy and interested in us at all times. Inevitably however it’ll happen she will just lose interest in you and start to think to herself what else or who else is out there? A guy from work, maybe someone she sees everyday like the mailman or maybe even someone at the grocery store. Someone other than you will peak her interest and once that happens the short and friendly conversations turn into longer and more invasive ones. There’s no preventing this one fellas, just brace yourself for it.


This is such a touchy subject for men. No man alive wants to ever hear that another man is bigger than he is. It’s a major blow to his ego. There are so many things that a man can deal with. If the woman that I love wants to leave me than fine. She’ll probably sit there and tell me she’s leaving because the other guy understands her more or that she feels a connection with him. Hell I can even live with it if she tells me that she’s fallen in love with him, but she cannot I repeat cannot tell me that he’s bigger than I am. Even if it might just be true.


Us guys always have that one male friend that assumes the worse out of any situation. You know the one that will make you question if your girlfriend is cheating on you or not, but what do we always say? Oh no no no she wouldn’t do that to me she’s way to innocent or she loves me way too much! Well that’s exactly how she gets away with cheating without getting caught. Think about it for a minute guys. If you knew you could do something without getting caught that was wrong but also beneficial to you than you would absolutely do it! That’s what a woman is thinking. She figures, hey I might as well have another guy since I’ll never get caught!


You come home and your lady has your food prepped and ready for you. You ask her how’d her day go. You guys sit down on the couch and watch the same tv show that you always do and later on that night you guys go to the bedroom and engage in some adult activities if you know what I’m talking about. Sounds like a pretty good night right? Wrong! She finds it incredibly boring. Why? It’s because it’s the same thing every single day and she’s just flat out tired of it. She wants some excitement! Something that’s going to get her heart racing. That’s exactly why she’s cheating on you. She just wants a change of pace. Guys are perfectly fine with the routine I described earlier but for women they need change, they need something different and another man will provide that!


Some things in life are simple and don’t quite need long explanations that involve trying to delve into the minds of a woman to understand her. There are so many reasons why women cheat which can leave a man scratching his head as to what he did wrong. Hey maybe you didn’t do anything wrong at all. It could just be that she finds the guy incredibly attractive. I know that’s hard for guys to believe because that’s usually how a guy thinks. Guys cheat based solely on the appearance of the other woman but believe it or not many other women do as well.


Women love to shop! Purses, shoes and dresses. A woman needs it all. You can be a hard working man that goes to work five days a week in order to provide a stable life for his woman. Now although that is admiral guess what? It’s not enough! She wants a man that is going to spend, spend and spend some more! Now maybe that isn’t in your budget. Well sorry to tell you guys but she is going to cheat on you with a man that will.

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