15 Reasons Why Women Want Men Who Play Sports

More times than not, women aren’t really into sports, at least not to the same extent as men often are. There are a ton of men, myself included, who can spend the entire day watching the sports channel. There’s something about the competitiveness and the art of sports that really gets a guy really invested in what’s going on. Not all guys play sports because it’s too time consuming, but there are plenty of men that actually do. When a guy is younger, they usually play sports to make a professional career out of it but if that doesn’t work out then it just becomes a hobby. While you may think playing sports is just a simple thing to do on your day off, in actuality women are enjoying this side of you. It’s true! Although she may not be into sports so much, she still finds it incredibly attractive that you’re still playing. Don’t believe me? Take a seat and let me explain why.


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Everyone knows that as you get older, it becomes harder and harder to stay in shape. It used to be easy when you were young. You could have eaten whatever you wanted, then just rolled out of bed and not have to worry about gaining a single pound. As the years go by, those pounds that you never had to worry about start to stick. Playing sports is a great way to keep your body lean and in tip top form. Every time you take your shirt off in the house, just take note at how she looks at you. Thank all the sports you’re playing for that!


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It’s one thing to just play sports for fun and not really care if you’re making a fool out of yourself. Who really cares if you miss about 500 layups in a game? It’s all about having fun, right? It’s a different story entirely when you’re actually good and I mean really good. Sometimes your girlfriend actually wants to sit down and watch you play. Now if you’re out there making a fool of yourself, she’ll just laugh it off but if you’re out there dominating, she might look at you a little differently. A woman does not want to see her man looking extremely bad no matter what he does.


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Every guy has a competitive nature. It’s just instilled in us. Sometimes we take it overboard and turn everything into a competition. It can become pretty annoying but there are plenty of women out there who love this competitive side of you. They love it even more when they actually see you in action! Hard fouls, diving for loose balls, making shot after shot after shot and watching how serious you’re taking it. She’s loving every minute of it. She especially loves how aggressive you look out there. She can’t wait to get you back home later that night!


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Whether you’re playing around or taking something seriously, nobody wants to lose. I personally don’t care if we’re playing basketball, Connect Four, chess or tic tac toe. I do not want to lose! So for those guys that are playing sports in front of their lady and could care less about the outcome, let me tell you something: it matters! It may not seem important to win but like I said, no one wants to be a loser and no woman wants to go home with one either!


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There’s nothing more attractive to a woman than a man who has the utmost confidence in himself. Don’t believe me, fellas? Turn to your lady and ask her. I’ll wait. See, I told you! Confidence will get you far in life. Whether you’re walking into an interview, talking to a woman you find attractive on the street or playing sports. Confidence is always a plus. So for those guys that play sports and are confident in their abilities, you have a great advantage! Let it show when you get out there and watch how your woman will find you attractive because of it.


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This one goes out to the guys that are good enough to actually make it in sports professionally. Let’s face it, professional athletes get a ton of women. They often get women that they would not usually get because of how deep their pockets are. What woman does not want to be financially stable? If you’re good enough to play high school sports and college sports then you’re essentially one step away from making it to the professional level and trust me: your lady is hoping you make it so she can cash in!


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Playing professional sports comes with fame whether you want it or not. You’re generally playing on television all the time and traveling from city to city playing in front of thousands of people. Not everyone wants so much notoriety, but I’ll tell you who does: the woman you are currently with! Don’t let her lies fool you. She absolutely wants to walk around and have millions of people swarm and adore her and that’s why she’s banking on you making it as a professional athlete so that she can gain some fame as well.


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There are a bunch of women out there who want to know their man’s whereabouts at all times. It might be because of jealousy, control issues or trust issues. Whichever the answer, she can feel much more at peace knowing that you’re just with the fellas shooting some hoops at the park or at the gym. She won’t have to continually text you and ask you where are you because she will already know exactly where you are. She will feel much more relieved knowing that she knows exactly where you are instead of constantly having to track you down.


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Whether you’ve been with your partner for five days, five years or fifty years, she doesn’t want you around her at all times. It does not matter how much she claims she loves you, she just would not like to see you all the time! I mean come on! Who wants to spend every waking minute of the day around the same exact person? It can be repetitive and boring. The distraction of playing sports can be a relief for her. She gets a chance to not see you for a few hours and she can get some much appreciated alone time.


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Yes guys, there are women out there that like sports, even love it! Those women should be honored and cherished because they are great women! If you have one of those rare women that enjoys sports as well, then listen to me very clearly. Never ever let her go and marry her as soon as you can! Playing sports is fun but if you have a woman that not only enjoys watching it but actually enjoys playing it then take advantage of that situation and please marry her or else I will!


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Heart attacks, strokes and many other health issues are major problems for everyone, no matter their age but it is even more of a problem for older men. Let’s face it, at a younger age the thought of health issues are non existent. Kids and young adults are much more active. They are running around with their friends all day and are just constantly active, whereas the older we get the less we move. Most of us get regular jobs where we have to sit behind a desk all day and when we get home, we’ll lay down on the couch, eat food and watch television. We’re going down a path of heart disease and our family will be concerned for our well beings. Playing sports helps nullify some of these issues, because you are constantly active and constantly moving. Not only are you staying in great shape but you are preventing unhealthy habits and that’s something your lady will greatly appreciate.


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For a ton of women, a man that is passionate is extremely attractive. It does not matter in particular what exactly he is passionate about but since the topic that we are discussing is sports then we will stick to that. Most guys don’t just like sports, they flat out love it! So when those guys go out to play, they are not playing for fun, they are taking that game very seriously and aim to win. When your lady watches you play and sees how serious you are and how much it means to you, it can be very attractive to her.


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Do you know how fun it can be to teach your lady how to play the sport you really like? Sure, she won’t understand it at first, and half the time she won’t even remember what you just told her but it can still be fun. Instead of doing the same thing you guys always do, like come home, watch television, eat some food and talk about each other’s day, now you can grab your ball and head to the backyard or park and shoot some hoops or play catch. It can make the relationship a bit more fun and what’s a relationship if you can’t have fun as well?


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Women understand that bringing home the bacon is very important. After all, you need help paying the bills, taking care of the kids and making sure there’s food on the table. Although these things are important, it can drive a man a bit crazy. A man is naturally a provider and that means that the job that he has is important but some men take their jobs everywhere they go. Meaning that if the family is going on vacation, then you’re taking your work with you as well. If you guys are going to church, then the work is coming too. If the kids are having a special event at school, then the work is coming. Half the time, guys can’t even make all of these events because they are so wrapped up in work. That can cause a woman some stress as well, so it is a welcomed sign to see that you have interests other than work.


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Women are always very aware of their weight. They always believe they are either too fat or too skinny, there is no in between. Earlier, I touched on how sports are a great way for men to stay in shape, but a lot of women want to get involved as well for those same exact reasons. She may not want to go to the gym. Believe it or not but the gym can actually be a pretty intimidating place and many women shy away from it. If they can simply go outside with you and play some sports for an hour or two, they would rather do that. Not only are you guys having fun but she’s also getting a great workout out of it.

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