15 Shameful Photos Of Ronda Rousey

It truly doesn’t get more polarizing that Ronda Rousey; some love her, while some just do not. You cannot however discredit her contributions in not only the MMA but worldwide. Many make the claim that Rousey transcended the role of females in professional sports. Her dominance in the UFC not only paved the way for new female Mixed Marital Artists, but it also did the same for other women in sports as well. Still only 30, Rousey still has a long way to go despite her two crushing defeats; the next step seems to be the WWE as she continues to tease a possible debut. We wait in anticipation!

With the good, has come the bad. Whether it be shameful defeats, or Rousey coming across as a hypocrite, she hasn’t had a squeaky clean image in the past. In this article, we showcase some of her most shameful moments through 15 images. These photos include Rousey looking “Not So PG”, her devastating losses and even, personal pictures from her past.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s now begin with these 15 shameful pictures of Ronday Rousey. We get this article started with a questionable photoshoot that featured Ronda alongside an adult star…. Ring the bell!

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