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15 Signs Your Girl Is A Real Gold Digger

If you happen to be a successful and wealthy young man, well, kudos to you. But this successful lifestyle of yours should also come with a health warning when it comes to dating. How do you know if the woman you are seeing is interested in you or just your money? How do you know if she’s a gold digger?
Kanye West had a few lighthearted thoughts on this matter in his 2009 hit. But all joking aside, it can be hard work to figure out which girls are genuine and which are only after the expensive gifts and lavish lifestyle you can offer.
And let’s not forget, of course, that in this day of more s*xual equality, men can be gold diggers too, preying on well-paid career women who are hearing the loud ticking of their biological clocks!
Usually, it is your friends who will notice first if your partner is taking advantage of your generous nature, so never has it been more important to remember the old adage “Bros before Hoes”, or indeed the 21st century equivalent “Sisters Before Misters.” You can also check out the handy list below to see if your current girlfriend shows any of these common signs of being a gold digger.

15. She Asks About Material Possessions On The First Date
14. She Is B*tchy About All Women
13. It Is Always Your Treat
12. She Always Asks For Expensive Gifts
11. She Has A High Sense Of Self-Entitlement
10. She Is Climbing Up The Dating Ladder
9. She Uses Her Looks To Get Things Done
8. She Is Obsessed With Status
7. She Make You Flash A Lot Of Cash To Keep Her Happy
6. She Is Focussed On How Expensive Your Appearance Is
5. Her Friends Are Gold Diggers
4. Her Questions About Your Work Place Involve Money
3. She Is Clearly Out Of Your League
2. She Struggles To Keep Up With Her Friends, Whose Boyfriends Seem To Do Better
1. Her Social Media Is Full Of Expensive Stuff

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