15 Stay-At-Home Moms Confess The Trashy Things They’ve Done

These days it’s pretty easy to get mom-shamed; all you have to do is not feed your kid organic food, and the wolves will descend. Even some really good celebrity moms have been mom-shamed for having a day off from their kids. It really takes very little these days to get the trolls excited. It’s really easy to start attacking someone for the way they live their lives when really, it’s none of our business.

There’s a lot of hate going on between the women who decide to stay at home with their children and the women who choose to go to work. Stay-at-home moms can often have the attitude that they’re the ones doing the best for their children because they stay at home. Whether you’re a parent who works or stays at home, we’re all just trying to do the best for our kids.

Sometimes, though, stay-at-home moms aren’t always focused on their children. In fact, some of them are just doing it for a check, and others are up to no good when they should be spending time with their kids. These confessions are from mothers who probably could use a little judgment in their lives. These confessions will have you cringing, and you’ll start to feel bad about the little ones who are left at home with these bad moms. These mothers need to check themselves and raise their standards on what are acceptable ways of parenting.

15. This Girl Never Cleans Unless There’s Company

Part of being a stay-at-home mom means that, typically, you’ll clean the house as well. The husband is usually the one working and bringing home the income, while the stay-at-home mom is expected to take care of the home as her means of contributing to the situation. In this case, however, this mother has no interest in cleaning, and the husband has to play games with her in order to get her to clean once in a while. “My wife is a stay-at-home mom who doesn’t keep up with the cleaning like she should. Talking to her about it doesn’t seem to help, so, once a week, I’ll invite friends over, and that makes her clean” (Whisper). It’s really sad that this guy has to go to these lengths just to have a clean house.

14. Mom Who Likes Her Dirty Selfies

This wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve seen god-awful selfies like these. We all know a girl like this; she’s probably right on your “Facebook friends” list. You know… she has a couple of kids, she’s just sitting at home, and yet her Instagram and Facebook are filled with inappropriate selfies — the kind of selfies that make you cringe when you think of the fact that they have kids. “I can’t help taking pictures of myself. I think I’m addicted” (Whisper). These are moms who are narcissists. The sad part is that they’re encouraged in today’s society, and they’re everywhere. They don’t care if they have children, and they don’t care that the children are watching them behave badly. This poor kid is just sitting on the couch and has no idea what’s going on with his mom as she stands there half naked.

13. She’s a Phone-S– Operator

Again, not the best job for a mother, but sometimes, you just don’t have a choice on the profession. It just shouldn’t be done when the children are home. “Need to be a stay-at-home mom again, looked at a lot of options, and phone sex operator works flexible hours and make[s] great money. Don’t mind it per say [sic], but I don’t know it would be perfect for my situation” (Whisper). Some stay-at-home moms have to figure out a way to bring in money if they don’t have a spouse taking care of them. Most moms will do anything else to avoid sex jobs, like direct sales marketing — we all see those posts online. But these women are doing inappropriate things, and there are always other ways of making money. It doesn’t have to revolve around sex in some way.

12. She Takes Care of Herself While the Kids Are Away

Some stay-at-home moms decide to continue to stay at home even when their kids are old enough to be in school. They use the time to get the house clean, do some laundry, and prepare dinner for when the little one arrives home from school. Not this mom, however. She takes the time that her children are away to service herself. “I’m a stay-at-home mom and I m*****bate every day throughout the day while kids are in school” (Whisper). Well then. This is really very sad. This stay-at-home mom would be better off going out and getting a job. Does she really need to be at home at all? By getting a job, she could help her family out instead of being selfish and only looking out for herself. We all need a release to relax, but this is a little ridiculous.

11. Baby Feels the Shame

Imagine what must be going through these kids’ heads as they watch how their parents behave. Judging by this photo, mom is beyond inappropriate, and one day, this poor kid is going to look back on the behavior and be embarrassed about it. Kids feel shame, and it’s not surprising if that shame is directed at their own parents. “I like to take sexy pictures when I’m at home, and I’m not embarrassed to say that. I have a lot of free time” (Reddit). That free time is probably better spent with the children. These poor kids shouldn’t be part of these kinds of pictures, and their rights are being violated. These women have to realize that they’re parents and start setting an example. Unfortunately, the children raised in these households usually grow up to have the same indifference to having clothes on their body. They turn out not having any idea how to respect themselves.

10. She’s Not Spending Time with the Baby

Being a stay-at-home mom gives you a great opportunity to bond with your children. But some stay-at-home moms are only worried about themselves. “I like to have time alone and will often close my bedroom door and leave the kids to watch TV so I can have some time to myself. I do it a lot” (Reddit). Interesting. We have to agree that sometimes, moms need some time alone, but it’s never a great idea leaving kids alone because kids are curious and can get into things that we don’t want them to. In this case, there’s a random bong in the picture, and the baby thinks it’s a chew toy. Now that can’t be healthy. Do your kids a favor, moms, and go and spend some time with them. Even watching TV can be a bonding experience if you just cuddle them during the process.

9. “I’m a Webcam Model”

Well, that pretty much says it all right there, doesn’t it? This is probably not the best job to have while you’re a stay-at-home mom. It’s a little nasty. “I’m a webcam model and a bigger girl and am incredibly happy with my look and my life. I’m a mom of four and feel beautiful for the first time in my life” (Whisper). We understand why some women decide to stay at home instead of working outside the household. Daycare alone will kill you if you don’t have a good job. We’re not sure that this is the best way to make money as a mother, especially if the children are at home when the webcamming is going on. Women can make a lot of money being a webcam model, but one day, they may regret these choices.

8. Don’t Take Dirty Shots When the Kids Are in the Room

It’s never a good idea to pose for dirty selfies when your kids are in the room. That should be an obvious thing, and yet, women all over the world are still doing it. Children will watch what you’re doing out of curiosity and eventually learn that the behavior is normal when it really isn’t. “I think it’s cute when my daughter poses in pictures with me, and it doesn’t make me a bad mom.” (Reddit)

If you watch these poor children, they’ll start to mimic the same poses as their mothers. “There are those who have mastered a mini version of the so-called sorority squat: knees slightly bent, hands on top, smile perfectly frozen. And plenty more have perfected the sassy arm triangle: hand on hip, elbow jutted out. It’s little wonder: kids pick up on what their parents like, and like, from a tender age,” observed Parents magazine.

7. Watching Her Kids Shower

Some mothers just don’t have any boundaries, and this mom is one of them: “My mom doesn’t understand privacy. I understand why you want complete [control] over me, but maybe staring at me while I shower ‘so I don’t do anything funny’ is a bit too much” (Whisper)? Wow, we’d have to say that’s a little much. This mother sounds like a complete weirdo. Trying to keep our children safe is an important job, but watching them in the shower is taking things a little too far. At some point, we have to let our children figure things out and even make mistakes so they can learn. We’re not sure what this mother thought her kids were doing in the shower, but she was definitely invading their privacy. In fact, this would probably cause more harm than good in these situations.

6. She Would Rather Party

Having a child shouldn’t be a bad thing, and it shouldn’t mean that your life is over. Sure, you might not be able to go out and party like you used to, but imagine all the blessings that you get from having a child in your life. This woman, though, is on a whole new level, and her confession is rather shocking. “I couldn’t imagine being stuck home with [a baby]. I told his baby daddy that since he wanted him so bad, he could have full custody. I see him when I make time, but since I work a lot and everything, that’s usually about every other weekend for a day” (Whisper). This woman cares more about her social life than she does about raising her child and being a part of her son’s life. It’s a disgusting confession, and the child is probably better off with dad.

5. Practices Her Twerking Skills

Hey, getting the right twerk down is important, right? This mother cares about very little more than getting her twerk moves perfect. “What do I do as a stay-at-home mom, you ask? Practice twerk tutorials to surprise folks at the club with my mad skills” (Whisper). This girl is getting down with the moves of Beyoncé, and she can’t wait to get a chance to show off those moves at the club. Well, at the very least, this mom must be in good shape, right? There are a few things wrong with this situation. One, where are the kids when she’s busy doing her tutorials? Two, she’s clearly more focused on getting to the club to show off her moves than being a parent. She clearly states she’s doing these things as a stay-at-home mom, but maybe she needs to think more about what being a parent really means.

4. She Doesn’t Know the Father

This isn’t exactly an unusual problem. There are many women out there who unfortunately don’t know who the father of their child is. But this woman had no idea who the father was, so she just played a guessing game to choose the father, and he has no idea that there was another guy in the equation. “I was seeing two different guys when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t want to be with either of them long term, but they both were pretty well off and had stable lives. I picked the better-looking guy who seemed more of the dad type and told him we were having a baby. It’s going well so far. We have been raising him together for about 3 years” (Whisper). Wow, this woman is a real piece of work. We feel sorry for the poor guy.

3. She Refuses to Cook or Clean

Cooking and cleaning are usually standard when it comes to being a stay-at-home mom. Women who refuse to clean are being kind of selfish because their men are out working to provide for the family, and they’re tired when they get home. Yes, a man can help out, but the idea is that if both people are working, then it’s fair that they should both be helping out. This mom should be pulling her weight at home instead of watching soap operas all day. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I absolutely refuse to cook and clean for my husband on a regular basis. Sorry, he’s an adult, too” (Whisper). Some people will agree that he’s an adult and that she’s doing enough by taking care of the kids — that’s her job. What do you think?

2. She Resents Her Baby’s Looks

We all want a beautiful baby, don’t we? When a woman becomes pregnant, she often dreams about what the baby will look like. Will she have his nose, her eyes? But all in all, we want the baby to be beautiful. But there are some moms who can’t handle having a beautiful baby, and they start to resent the beauty of their baby. Hard to believe? Well, check out this confession: “I wanted our babies to have dark hair and dark eyes like dad, with his beautiful olive skin. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, so the odds were in his favor. Now that we have our first child and he looks exactly like him, I wish it wasn’t the case. We split up last year, and every day is a reminder of our failed relationship” (Reddit). Hopefully, she can get over this so that it doesn’t affect the relationship she has with the child.

1. She Left Baby for a Booty Call

We all have needs, and we can at least admit to it. But when you become a parent, those needs have to go on the backburner to your kids’ needs. We have to find the right moments to have dates or, in most cases, find a babysitter. This girl got a booty call from some guy and ran outside to his jeep to get it on while her kids were left inside. “My little girl was sleeping, and I got a text that [my guy] was nearby. She is a pretty good sleeper, so I snuck outside and ‘hung out’ with him in his jeep. When I went back inside, I saw she had been up for a while and had ripped all the sheets off her crib and had a really full diaper. I felt like a POS, but I really didn’t plan to be gone more than a minute” (Whisper).

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