15 Things Naturally Gifted Ladies Want The World To Know

Being a woman is pretty tough. Not only are women judged constantly on their looks, their attitudes and their physical ‘attributes’, they also fall victim to a variety of pretty insulting stereotypes. If you’re naturally ‘endowed’, then you bear the brunt of the pressure. Let’s face it – we’re all guilty here of giving a girl a sideways glance when she’s practically falling out of her top. As it turns out, we’re all missing a trick here, and being more judgmental than Judge Judy.

If we pause to think at how it must feel to be a woman with considerable assets, then we might find out that it’s not as simple as it may seem at first glance. There’s a few things that they would want us to know and take into consideration, from the do’s and do-not’s in the bedroom, to keeping your stupid questions to yourself. It’s a minefield when it comes to this subject – and maybe it’s time we all got taken down a peg or two, right?

Settle in and prepare to be educated. It’s about time we blew the roof off of this subject. We’ve done some serious research and discovered 15 Things ‘Naturally Gifted’ Women Want You to Know.


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Being especially endowed isn’t always the fun it’s cracked up to be. After all, they weigh a ton. Women and men alike often have the misconception that ‘gifted’ females have everything to smile about – this isn’t 100% true. That very misconception can be a burden to bear. Other females think you’re flaunting it and males think that they’re entitled to stare. Just because a female wears a DD doesn’t mean that she wants to be stared at. It’s just the way that the good lord made her. She has no more control over it than the changing of the seasons or the tide of the sea. We’re not saying that it’s always a bad thing – but it’s not always a great thing either.


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Imagine being a size 4 and picking out a cute top in a store. It’s sweet and in theory, should fit your teeny tiny frame. That is, until you try and get it over the mountainous range on your chest. Women’s clothing isn’t always built with these lucky ladies in mind. If you think about the models that walk on the catwalk, how many of them have more than a C cup? That’s because clothes just hang better, sit better and are easier to design than factoring in a big bust. And that’s designers – so take it to the mall and you’ve got little to no chance of finding almost anything that fits right. Next time you see a girl walking down the street with her assets on show, it might be worth realizing that it might not be her intention, she’s just fallen victim to the awful world of ill-fitting fashion.


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It’s pretty tough out there for a girl with a chest larger than your average bear. It’s not just the fact that they’re a little annoying at times, but also the stereotypes that come with it. How many times have you been guilty of looking at one of these said girls and thinking something along the lines of ‘she’s up for it’. If a girl chooses to be proud of her assets rather than cover them up like a nun, then she’s often penalized for it and dragged through the mud, as though she is giving out some sort of invitation to be hit on. Females don’t like it and men will always think they’re entitled to it. No matter how hard you try to shatter those stereotypes, they’re still there. Bummer.


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Regardless of if you’ve got a small frame or a larger one, there’s no denying that these things weigh a ton. Imagine walking around with two large watermelons strapped to your chest, and you might have half the idea. This kind of physical pressure can take it’s toll on other parts of your body – namely your back. Arguably, girls with small frames tend to get it the worst, with some even opting for breast reduction surgery to help them get some relief. For example, Modern Family star Ariel Winter underwent a reduction last year. Some media outlets reported it was due to the constant trolling Winter was subjected to over her breasts, but the actress maintained it was purely a comfort issue.


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Hooters. Bazingas. Jugs. Nicknames suck, and they want you to know it. These aren’t some sort of add-on for your entertainment, but actual functioning parts of the body that deserve a little respect. So, next time you decide to do something stupid like give them both individual nicknames or refer to them as something other than breasts, don’t be surprised if she gets up and leaves, or stops answering your calls. It’s not that it’s annoying (even though it is) it’s just that they’ve heard it all before and it wears a little thin. If the shoe was on the other foot, it’d get old – trust us. Trust us when we say it’s better to be safe than sorry – or risk seeing them walk out the door forever.


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They might be the first thing that your eye goes to. They might even be what initially attracted you to this beautiful girl, but believe it or not – they’re attached to a person. It’s quite common for a guy to hit on an unsuspecting female and talk directly to their anatomy rather than to their face. Try changing tact and discovering what she does – she might be a teacher, a scientist or even a brain surgeon. Gifted in the chest department doesn’t mean that she’s not gifted anywhere else. If you want to date her, try talking to her and about her, rather than getting completely distracted by your wondering eyes. We can almost guarantee that it’ll show you better results. If she’s interested, that is.


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Hey look, it’s not all doom and gloom. They can be pretty entertaining too. One thing to take note of when you’re in an intimate situation with a busty gal is that you’re not getting ready to throw a football around, here. More often than not, the bigger ones are more sensitive than the smaller ones. This can be a good thing in the bedroom, but go steady. Sensitive isn’t always good – you have to be careful with this precious cargo. While they appreciate that they’re fun for you to play with, it can get a little old when all of the attention is focused on that area alone. Best to take a hint and try exploring the rest of your partner instead. Other parts enjoy some lovin’ too, you know.


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Being all romantic and taking a trip to Victoria’s Secret ahead of the big Valentine’s Day date is a really lovely thought – but it will usually end in disappointment all round. Just like how buying tops can be a nightmare, lingerie can be even worse. For a start, underwired bras can be uncomfortable, even if you know the size you’re looking for. Different stores also differ slightly in their sizing – she might be a 32FF in one and a 32G in another. It’s like playing Russian roulette and never ends well. Silky nighties are also a commendable idea – but same problem. What looks great on Gigi Hadid won’t even go over their shoulders, and no girl likes trying on something beautiful only for it not to fit.


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It’s not big, it’s not clever, and it’s certainly not original. Yes – they’re huge and look like you could fit your head in them. Guess what? You can! But like many things in life, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s akin to making condom balloons or turning your P into a V – it’s been done a million times before. It didn’t make them laugh then and it’s not going to work now. Your sense of humor is appreciated in pretty much every other aspect, but this is reserved purely for teenage boys who can’t get over the fact that they’ve managed to snare a real live woman (instead of just gawping at them in magazines). Also, if you really want to get into it, it’s kind of embarrassing.


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Did you think that it’s just men that enjoy playing with them? Believe it or not, but the owners of the assets find them pretty comforting too. Don’t get too excited when you see a female slip her hand into her bra while she’s watching TV, it’s purely a comfort thing. It’s not as if they can ignore them, they’re definitely there – and each part of your body is to be treasured, no matter how much of a pain in the butt they are at times. Don’t be alarmed if you see them re-arranging them when you’re out and about either. Underwired bras are uncomfortable at the best of times, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll need to be jiggled back into place at least a few times a day. It’s not some sort of seduction ritual, it’s purely comfort related.


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We appreciate that there are a variety of ‘intimate’ situations where it’d be pretty rad for them to lay on their fronts, but it’s a physical impossibility. Do you want to drill a hole in the mattress for it to work? No, we didn’t think so. There’s also a plethora of everyday situations where it’s an utter pain in the butt too. For instance, when they go on holiday they’ll almost certainly end up more tanned on their front than their back. Laying on their sunbed face down just isn’t going to work. Neither is carrying a load of stuff that requires any kind of chest balancing or otherwise. Sometimes, it’s best to cash in your chips when you’re ahead.


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It might seem like a really good icebreaker, but while working at Hooters isn’t exactly something to be ashamed about, it doesn’t automatically mean that every ample chested woman has worked there. It isn’t some sort of coming of age rite of passage that they’re all required to go through, so don’t even ask. Chances are if they work there, have worked there or are planning on working there, you’ll find out eventually anyway. (FYI – that’s the portion of the date where you ask her questions about her life and get to know her beyond her physical appearance, as discussed in number 10). When you’re getting married to one of the hottest girls around, you can send us an invite.


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This is one of the questions that is more frequently asked then ‘Hey babe, what’s your zodiac sign?’ If anything is going to make this girl get up and leave, then it’s this question. If they’re not real, that’s their choice to tell you – if they are, why should she have to convince you? There is no possible outcome to this situation that A) won’t make you look like a giant douche, and B) increase your possibility of getting a margarita thrown in your face. Besides, the majority of surgically enhanced women will tell you that they’ve had a boob job straight out of the gate. It’s a pretty big piece of information, and if you’d spent thousands of dollars on a procedure, wouldn’t you want to flaunt it?


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Puberty is an awkward time for everyone, regardless if you’re male or female. It’s a whirlwind of acne, sudden growth spurts and physical changes that are plain embarrassing – especially when your mom brings it up over Thanksgiving Dinner. It’s even worse if you’re a girl that suddenly goes from an A-Cup to a D-Cup overnight. It doesn’t go unnoticed by classmates, especially boys who are undergoing all sorts of hormonal changes themselves. It can lead to nicknames, teasing and general gossip, which makes those difficult years even harder. So, if they seem a little reluctant to talk about their high school years, then tread carefully. It could be a sore subject.


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Big boobs can be a legitimate health concern. Not only is there back pain, but exercising and playing sport can be extremely difficult too, regardless of how powerful the sports bra is. While a plethora of stars have gone underneath the knife to enhance themselves, a host have also gone the other way to reduce. Not only Ariel Winter, but Drew Barrymore and Queen Latifah too. Don’t count your blessings if you’re significant other is one of these ladies that endures all of this physical discomfort, they may turn around one day and decide that the big chested life just isn’t for them anymore. That’s no bad thing either – bigger or smaller, you’re still lucky.

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