15 Things Women Find Attractive About Guys… But Are Pretty Gross

Women surely have their “types” when it comes to the fine fellas they’re attracted to. Some like the “tall, dark, and handsome” sort of man, while others seek out an intellectual guy who stimulates her brain as much as he does her body. While every gal has her own specific tastes and preferences, there are some things that women find attractive about men that when you really think about them are actually kinda gross.

To each her own, but dig deep and think about these seemingly innocent and “normal” qualities many men possess and women enjoy seeing in their mates, and you may come to realize these “turn ons” are more like “turns offs” instead. Are men just gross in general, or are these things that women find hot in a partner really not so hot after all?

Perhaps it’s in a woman’s DNA to seek out such traits and characteristics in her partners for the survival of the species and all. But humans have evolved a great deal since the days of the caveman (or so we would like to think), yet some men still come across just the same. But hey, if the gals desire such a dude, who is he to steer her otherwise? Attraction is a funny thing, and one woman’s trash is another’s treasure. What may be gross to some could be glorious to the rest.

What do you make of these 15 things women find attractive about men? Gross or gentlemanly?

15. “Dad Bod”

The “dad bod” seems to be the latest “ideal” body type that women are embracing. This average physique may be what women have grown used to seeing in their partners, but just because it’s becoming more widely accepted as attractive doesn’t make it a look to necessarily strive for. With a squishy midsection, untoned appendages, and an all over “blah” appearance, the “dad bod” seems to be the trendiest way to accept the status quo and hit the fridge rather than the free weights. While a guy doesn’t actually have to be a dad in order to consider his shape “dad bod”-worthy, it may be a plus to be a proud pop so you can somehow blame the kids for the spare tire. Kudos to the gals who enjoy a “dad bod” but realize it isn’t exactly GQ material.

14. Well-Endowed

It’s a rare woman who prefers a fella with a cocktail wiener, and if there are many of these ladies out there, they’re not speaking up about their preference for a teeny weenie. The majority of chicks like a man with a package that’s impressive or at least above-average in size. The more he’s packing in his pants, the manlier and studlier she believes he is. If his boxers or briefs are bulging, she’s ready for a relationship. But is a huge hose all that it’s cracked up to be? What’s so hot about giant genitalia anyway? They say it’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean, so perhaps these gals ought to reconsider a smaller man with skills rather than a well-hung hunk with pants that are too tight.

13. Hairy Chest

Some ladies equate manliness with hairiness, which, in many cases, is true to an extent, but too much hair is more “gorilla” than “gentleman.” All that bristly and bushy hair may be something to grab onto in the throes of passion, but is the furry look really all that foxy? Under a white T-shirt or a tank top, a super-hairy chest looks a mess, and when a button-down shirt is unbuttoned just a hint too far, those wild escaping chest hairs look like baby animals trying to be set free. And with a heavy layer of chest hair often comes the not-so-sexy back hair. When those follicles are abundant, there’s not much stopping hair growth all over a man’s body. It’s a hairy situation quite literally! Where are the clippers when you need ‘em?

12. Natural Scent

Pheromones can have a big impact on attraction. That inner desire can be awakened by the scent of a man, even if a woman isn’t conscious of what’s happening. Something about the mix of sweat and skin can be all a woman needs to fall for a guy, even if everything else about him isn’t even all that appealing. She may say that she becomes “intoxicated” by something about this fella and goes weak in the knees whenever he’s in her presence. Sure, an instinctual desire sounds sexy, but if you think a moment longer, this gal is basically turned on by a guy’s BO! Gross. Grab a stick of deodorant and a spritz of cologne and see how sexy Mr. Stinkbomb is after his natural scent has been masked.

11. Big Feet

They say a guy with big feet has a big you-know-what, so lots of chicks look straight down when they first meet a guy to ensure their feet are appropriately sized, if not super-huge. Sure, no guy will look normal with teeny-tiny little-boy feet, but giant ones are nothing to write home about either. In fact, super-sized feet can be pretty darn nasty. Think about those oversized knuckled toes, excess toe hair, callused and cracked heels, and unsightly bunions and corns. Plus, the bigger the feet, the higher the chance they will stink to the high heavens. Ladies, huge feet can be gross, and the associated myth is just that. Be happy if you can find a guy with average-sized tootsies and hope he knows how to pick out a decent loafer.

10. Scruffy Face

Not every gal is a fan of the clean-shaven look, but perhaps they ought to give that baby-smooth appearance another chance. A scruffy goatee or messy beard seems to be all the rage nowadays, but facial hair, when you think about it, can be rather gnarly. First of all, some guys have no idea how to groom their facial hair appropriately, so they look like a total slob who just rolled out of bed. Next, there are those sloppy eaters who wind up with crumbs and sauce matted into their chin hairs, and who knows how long the gunk and germs have been there? Then, let’s not forget how itchy and scratchy a scruffy face can be. Kissing a dude with whiskers can be painful and unappealing. One mustache hair in your mouth, and the gag reflex is sure to kick in. Give your man a razor, and let him go to town.

9. Huge Appetite

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so there are plenty of gals who love to see their man enjoy a huge meal that they’ve lovingly prepared for them. Some ladies think it’s masculine that her fella can devour a big beefy steak, an overflowing bowl of pasta, or a juicy cheeseburger and a side of truffle fries. Sure, all this indulgent eating may be OK for a while, especially if her man is young and fit, but as time passes, the metabolism will surely slow down, and squishy love handles will replace that once-firm six-pack. Unless a gal is a “chubby chaser,” she better cool it with her attraction for a guy who can fill his belly to the brim at every meal. Hotdog-eating contest winners may walk off with a cash prize, but no woman is going to want to deal with his gas issues later that night.

8. Rough Hands

There are a handful of ladies who love a man with hands that look like they’ve been hard at work. Dirty fingernails, rough calluses, and even cuts and scrapes make her fella’s hands look manly and rugged in their opinion. Perfectly manicured nails and silky soft skin do nothing for these ladies who think a man with smooth hands is a total wuss. She likes a carpenter, mechanic, construction worker, or a guy in some other profession that requires getting down and dirty. An attraction to a rough-and-tumble guy is normal, but when you consider how filthy his hands may be, going for a cleaner-cut man may be a better option. Grease, dirt, grime, and the chance for infection is nothing to give a thumbs up to.

7. Veiny Muscles

Lots of ladies love a guy who works out at the gym and develops strong muscles. Staying active and fit is nothing to criticize, and many women love to have a strong man by their side to protect them and look hot doing so. But some dudes take their bodybuilding to the extreme and wind up with super-veiny muscles that look far from appealing. OK, some gals may find this veiny situation to be sexy, but for the most part, too much vascularity can be rather frightening. These guys look like they could bust an artery at any time. Not hot. So ladies, go for a musclehead if that suits your fancy, but once the veins start taking on a life of their own, it may be time to suggest your guy take a day off from lifting.

6. Plump Pecs

In keeping with the over-working-out theme, large pecs are also an attribute some females find to be sexy on a guy. These babes love a fine fella with plump pecs that are super-strong and filled out to the max. The bigger the pecs, the stronger the guy must be, and the more he must care about fitness and staying healthy. But then, there are those men who work their pecs so hard that it looks like they’ve got a set of double Ds. Fine for a gal, but on a man, this busty look isn’t exactly what Victoria had in mind when she was whispering her secret. Plus, once this guy stops working out, those puppies are surely gonna sag. A man who needs a bra isn’t exactly one to bring home to the parents.

5. Thick Eyebrows

OK, so thick eyebrows are far better than none at all, but at what cost? Eyebrows that are “on fleek” are all the rage these days, and it seems like the popular eyebrow trend has crossed over into male territory as well. And some ladies find a bold eyebrow on a man to be quite the turn on. The bigger and bushier, the better, but once those brows grow out, they’ll go from tame to terrifying. Pretty gross considering they’re smack in the center of the guy’s head. Wild strands, the unsightly “unibrow,” and super-long hairs are far from cool. Gals, consider dating a guy with normal eyebrows, and don’t worry if they’re not as lush as a rainforest. He won’t keep up the waxing and plucking forever.

4. Raunchy Humor

A guy with a good sense of humor is someone many women find appealing and impressive. It can be a great characteristic. But some guys take their flair for joking too far and are way too raunchy. Some chicks may get a kick out of fart jokes and foul language for a while, but soon, the extreme raunchy behavior will become too much to take. The fun will become infuriating, and the goofiness will come off as plain gross. If a dude needs to make lewd and crude jokes that make people roll their eyes and feel embarrassed, he isn’t all-too-funny. A smart and savvy guy can be humorous and tasteful. A potty mouth is nothing to be proud of, but a great sense of humor wins a woman over every time.

3. Can Hold Their Liquor

If a guy can drink a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer, or do a bunch of shots and still maintain decorum, many gals think he’s a real hero. No gal wants to go out to the bar or restaurant with a guy who becomes sloppy drunk after a few measly sips. But is it really all that impressive to be able to down a bunch of alcohol and still feel A-OK? It must mean that this fella drinks all the time, which isn’t anything to call home about. It’s nice to go out for a drink or two or pop a nice bottle of bubbly at home and remain cool and collected, but what’s so great about knocking back a half a bottle of vodka? Ladies, too much drinking is gross, no matter how well behaved your BF is after imbibing.

2. Mr. Perfect

When a guy seems like he’s the “whole package,” an unsuspecting lady may fall under his sensual spell and feel like she’s the luckiest lady to walk the face of the Earth. Mr. Perfect has a great body, a handsome face, amazing hair, is Ivy League smart, cool as a cucumber, rich like a king, athletic as a sports star, has a terrific family, and so on and so forth. But after a while, all this perceived perfection can become super-annoying. Mr. Perfect will likely be a self-absorbed narcissist who can’t get enough of himself – a trait that’s more gross than gentlemanly. Ladies, embrace a guy who may not be the perfect 10 but is perfect for you. Too good is probably too good to be true.

1. Sports Fanatics

Some gals are all about men who love sports. It could be hockey, baseball, soccer, football, or even tennis, but as long as their man is into some sort of game and has a team or player he’s rooting for, she’s head over heels for him just the same. But too much of a love for sports can be a real strain on a relationship. He’ll care more about the playoffs than spending time with you. Not to mention, a guy can go from a fan to a fool who spends his weekends vegged out on the couch eating oily chips and guzzling beer after beer. All of his favorite players will be fit and successful while your man is getting a beer belly and doing nothing more than saying “boo” when his team loses yet another game. A healthy amount of sportsmanship is cool, but a guy who wants to be the next commentator from the couch is a gross excuse for a mate.

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