15 Times Kids Were Owned By Animals

What’s more charming than a child and an animal sharing a pleasant moment? Very little, friends, very little. From pictures of a puppy and a pint-sized person eating the same ice cream cone to videos of kittens crawling over newborn humans, the Interwebs are flush with adorable scenes of cute kids and animals getting along famously. Now, what’s less charming than a child and an animal sharing a pleasant moment? How about seeing a kid get owned by an animal instead. (While not often as adorable, these moments are often pretty damn funny, at least.)

Woe to the person who forgets that, under the right circumstances, all animals can be capricious, violent, and sometimes just kind of jerks. We treat them as unintelligent at our peril, and as easily predictable at risk to our own well-being (or at least to our sense of pride). And in the days of the smartphone camera, it’s a safe bet that every time an animal breaks out of its normal docile, cuddly, or steadfast character, there’s going to be video or photo evidence of the aftermath. Let’s take a look at a few times that a camera meant to capture a Halcyon moment instead captured kids getting owned by animals.

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