18 Whisper Confessions Of Women Doing It For The First Time After Birth

I honestly didn’t really give it much – if any – thought. I’ve had two kids, and during neither of my two pregnancies did I worry about intimacy after childbirth.
I think it’s because I have a way of sort of trusting that nature works things out. And also, once I decided that I wanted children, that was what was important to me – enjoying my pregnancies and bringing my babies safely and beautifully into the world. I knew my husband and I would navigate the road ahead successfully with great care and love, as we do with all things we do together.
But maybe I’m unique in my lack of worry. Plenty of women who use Whisper to confess their inner secrets owned up to worrying quite a bit about how intimacy would be after having a baby – or if they’d even be having it at all.
No one could blame you for being curious, anyway, or worrying a bit about how things might change.
For some women, things get better than ever. For others, intercourse is painful at first, and for others still, the pain persists even months after the baby is born.
Some have caring and patient partners – and others… not so much, it seems.
Have questions or concerns about sex after baby? Talk to your doctor. And if you’re curious to read the Whisper confessions of women doing it for the first time after giving birth, here are 18.

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