20 Insanely Hot Photos of Scarlett Johansson You Need to See

She is one of the most coveted and eye-catching actresses in Hollywood. Scarlett Johansson has it all: talent, looks, and the media in the palm of her hand. She could pretty much wear anything and we would absolutely love it. That being said, the actress definitely has great fashion sense, and she really knows how to draw attention to her assets. One of her greatest physical treasures is her ample bosom, so we compiled a list of examples to show you. Here is our list of 20 insanely hot photos of Scarlett Johansson you NEED to see.
You are going to just love these photographs. They include paparazzi snapped shots of the actress on the red carpet, mingling with fans, and attending Hollywood events. There are also a number of pictures from photo shoots that the actress partook of in recent years. There is definitely a reason why she repeated makes the lists for sexiest women in the world. An internationally-recognized sex symbol, Scarlett Johansson still knows how to keep it classy. Take a look at these photos and try to deny that she is one of the hottest women you have ever seen. Seriously, try it, we dare you!

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