20 Moms Who Failed So Hard They Should Probably Be Arrested.

Let’s face it: not everyone’s made out to be a parent. Some people have it in them and some don’t. Just because the ideal life plan is to grow up, have kids, and start a family — that doesn’t mean everyone has to do it. Trust us when we say not every person SHOULD follow such a plan.

The following women, for example, are the type of mothers that will leave their kids traumatized for the rest of their lives. The photos below prove that these women clearly have no common sense. All we can say is : hopefully they’re better moms in real life than they appear in these photos.

#1. “Did you really just take my stroller?”

That kid’s face is priceless. He looks so frustrated hahaha.

#2. Looks like mom’s a little smart, after all.

You ain’t going anywhere, now, little kid.

#3. When you want your kid to follow in your footsteps?

The least she could have done is check her background?

#4. Nothing that a fresh drink can’t fix, right?

I’m sure this kid is already going down a great path.

#5. When you use your child for bad jokes.

FYI, it’s not as funny as you think it is.

#6. Teaching them while they’re young, eh?

Aren’t you afraid of squishing the baby?

#7. A little 4-year-old just finding out what his mom likes to do in her down time.

I guess they both enjoy body paint.

#8. Is this supposed to be a joke?

Because it isn’t. Really? All for a photo?

#9. No, just no. NO.

How would you react if that gun REALLY DID go off?!

#10. Why do both people look so nonchalant in this photo?

Did you really need to expose yourself like that while your son is hanging out with you?

#11. “Did you want to see your new beautiful baby girl?”

“Yeah hold on, let me just finish scrolling through my Facebook feed first.”

#12. Is there something about this pose that’s sexy?

You really had to take advantage of this moment?

#13. Please tell me that cigarette isn’t lit.

PLEASE tell me she’s actually smoking a cigarette.

#14. Is this woman really this kid’s mother?

Doesn’t it feel weird having your own son embrace you like that?

#15. So was it her intention to get the baby into the photo?

Because this entire photo looks too posed to be an accident.

#16. The type of memories anyone would want from their childhood.

This kid’s going to have such great photos to look back at.

#17. Just look at that kid’s face.

He’s definitely traumatized for life. Nobody ever wants to see their mom in the middle of taking nudes.

#18. Is that ACTUAL beer coming out of that beer bong?

Don’t think it’s a good idea to get your kids drinking THAT young.

#19. When your mother forgets you in the shopping cart…

That must have been a pretty big grocery shopping list.

#20. As you can see, some women just shouldn’t be mothers.

Just like the one in this photo. I mean, really?

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