5 Gross Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Orgasms Inside You.


Not all the cum comes out when you stand up or pee, and that mixture of cum and your own vaginal juices can create an odor for the next day or two. Depending on what he eats, can also affect how his sperm smells, and tastes. Make sure he isn’t eating asparagus.


Semen can feel like glue and when it dries it can harden. if you remember the movie, Something About Mary, you’ll recall how the semen in her hair held it up like the strongest holding hair gel. A protein called semenogelina, that helps semen coagulate is responsible for its stickiness, as well as a prostate specific antigen.


If a guy cums inside you the night before, you might feel some dripping the next day. That’s because some of his semen may stick to your vaginal walls and as you walk and move, it sloughs off, then exits the vagina, landing in your panties.


Believe it or not, semen can act as an anti-depressant for woman as it gets absorbed through the vagina. It also causes the woman to attach emotionally to the man and vice versa, so semen is a very powerful entity in the game of love.


Whenever you come into contact with your mate’s bodily fluids you put yourself at risk of catching a disease. In the case of coming into contact with semen, you can catch any number of STDs that include gonorrhea, clamidia, HPV, and HIV.

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