7 things that improve your $ex life. You will feel 3 times more pleasure doing it.

The human mind remains a mystery to some. Especially if it is sex … Because, admit it, even if you want to look like an expert, there are times when you do not know what to invent to improve your performance in bed.

Guys, today we are going to give you some tips that will do a lot to make your girl crazy.


After seeing these strange but effective tricks, worthy of a psychologist, can be considered the best lovers. Take note, boys!

1.Make more than 3 positions per meeting

You do not always want to do the same moves, do you? Even if you love certain positions, if you repeat them at each meeting you will end up getting bored. According to connoisseurs it is best to vary between 3 and 4, otherwise they will tire of doing the same thing all the time. To improve the life in bed you have to change and experiment a little.

2.Do not remove your socks

Oddly enough, leaving your socks on while the action lasts can be a great help to get better performance. A study by the University of Groening, the Netherlands, revealed that with the feet covered the heat may increase during the encounter and lead the couple to orgasm. Interesting, right?
So if your girl has trouble reaching climax, this option could be super useful and help both to enjoy much more.

3. Watch a horror movie

It may sound crazy but, according to researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada, some men who feel threatened, frightened or in danger, tend to increase their adrenaline levels, and so do their urge to do so. Now you know, girls! If they want to have an unforgettable encounter it will be better to endure the scare and let their boy comfort them after seeing a horrible and terrifying movie. How does that sound for a date?

4. Dental Hygiene

Not only do we say this so that passionate kisses are much richer and without surprises related to bad breath … Some scientists claim that diseases in the gums are very closely related to male dysfunction.

Theories suggest that bacteria in the mouth are able to interrupt circulation and blood flow, so we do not guarantee a good experience if your partner has unhealthy gums.

5. Extreme sports

This principle is very similar to that caused by horror movies, since risky situations can trigger the same idea of ​​physical attraction to your partner, driven by adrenaline and the sensation of risk. The same could happen in the case of mechanical games.

So if the groom invites you to the city fair or an extreme amusement park, you may want to get more than just wholesome entertainment.

6. Exercise

Exercise can cause women the same effect as extreme sports and mechanical games in men. A girl who exercises regularly has better circulation, and therefore is stimulated much faster during the encounter.

This guarantees a faster climax and, above all, the total satisfaction of both. So get moving, girls!

Wear red garb

A woman wearing a dress trimmed in red is simply irresistible, right? Well, science has an answer to that. According to psychology, red tones incite and attract men because they are related to fertility.

Although they do it unconsciously, they link this color not with passion, as is commonly believed, but with the face of a woman during the act, as it is reddened by action.

And we do not say all that, science says. Have you ever failed them? No, right? Well, believe me it will not now either. So apply these new knowledge in the field of love. Good luck!

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