7 things only men in love do in bed. If you do # 4 marry him.

To lie down with someone and love as feeling are very different things, but when you find that special being with whom you are willing to share what it is, the experience is very different. The problem is that many times we do not know how to differentiate one thing from the other.

A man tends to lean more for the physical, but when you manage to conquer him not only with your repertoire in bed but with your lovely way of being, then you will see that your boy will do different things. Do you want to know which ones? So do not waste your time, friend, here you will know if you are doing your job well.

1.- Any excuse is good to kiss you

2. spanks every time you bend over you

3.- It recharges in your “breasts”

4.- She loves to make you scream

5.- Try to experiment in bed with you

6.- Make you a teaspoon after doing it

7. Let you finish first

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