8 Celebrities Who Look The Worst At The Beach (And 8 Best)

Summer is officially here and that means that our favorite celebrities are going to be baring it all on the beach very shortly. We love seeing celebrities strip down to nothing but their swimsuits.
We believe that everybody is beautiful, however, we can’t deny that some celebrities look better on the beach than others. Let us clear something up right now, looking good on the beach does not mean being a size zero. There are many “skinny” girls who made the worst list. What it is about is looking healthy. Working out and being active should not only be reserved for people who want to lose weight. Some of these celebrities simply look unhealthy and we’re just not into that.
From being too thin to not wearing the right bathing suit for your body, celebrities makes a ton of mistakes when it comes to beach fashion. The following is a list of the 8 best and the 8 worst beach bodies of summer 17. From super hot moms to super sickly washed out celebrities, this list has something for everyone.

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