8 Hollywood Babes Rocking Tight Leather Pants (And 7 Laughable Fails)

We’re sliding into Autumn fast. And we are about to see the return of that Hollywood go-to fashion statement—leather pants. Now, tight leather pants are super duper sexy when a hot babe with a body to die for wears them. But, stuff an out-of-shape chick into tight leather pants and what you get is a white hot mess. There’s also the “taste” issue, with some celebrities wearing tight leather outfits that are garish, over the top, and just plain laughable. And let’s not forget the silicon-butt-implant babes who don’t know when to stop. Put those girls in tight leather pants and they tend to look as if they have stepped out of a freak show. So, here we go. Some of these pictures are totally hot. Some of them are not. And some of them will probably make you laugh or snicker. One or two might make you a little (or very) mad. Get ready for 8 totally hot babes who rock tight leather pants big time and 7 chicks who, quite frankly, should have known better. Sometimes it’s not pretty, but it is all totally real. And it’s sooooo Hollywood.

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