8 Olympic athletes cheated and their life was ruined. # 8 was murdered

What would you be willing to do to get a gold medal? They say that the end justifies the means and apparently this is something that these athletes believed, who, no matter that they had to lie to the world, did their best to become champions and win the applause and admiration of the spectators.


8.-Ballroom Volleyball

In past editions, the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games has obtained evidence showing that competing athletes in Volleyball use a thin plasterboard in their hands to be able to hit the ball with greater force.

There is a record of a proven case of cheating in the Olympic Games, this occurred in the last games held in London, where one of the participants of the team in Brazil used the plaster boards in their hands. In that competition they eliminated the equipment of Argentina. Months later, when the controversial case of trap was discovered, an Argentine fan who did not know how to deal with the defeat decided to assassinate it.

Today we tell you the story of 8 Olympic athletes who cheated on the games. You will not believe it

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