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9 Reasons Morning Sex Will Always Be The Best Sex

Let’s be honest, morning sex is the absolute best. You’re starting to wake up, but you’re still in that dreamy half-sleeping state of mind. Then you roll over to your partner who’s already thinking the same thing you are. The hormones are raging and it’s undeniably intoxicating. Not to mention, you just know that you’re going to have a fantastic day afterwards. What’s better than that? Nothing, nothing is better than an orgasm first thing in the morning and here are all the reasons why.
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1. You’re guaranteed to have a good day.

No matter what work or school has in store for you that day, you’re going to start off on the right foot. No one can shut down your mood because guess what? You just got laid and you pity those who are in a shitty mood because they didn’t have the orgasmic morning you did. Getting down and dirty supercharges your body with loads of endorphins and they’re guaranteed to fuel your happy demeanor all day long.
2. It’s a good excuse to stay in bed longer.

Because who wouldn’t want to have an extra half hour with the cozy confines of their bed? There’s no argument there. And when your boss asks you why you’re running late, you can just smile and wink at them. Message received.
3. Morning sex is more intimate.

Waking up wrapped up in each other is one of the most natural experiences you can share. It’s a rare moment before the craziness of the day when you can just be together. That’s what makes sex first thing in the morning so intimate. Getting to just focus on the pleasure you’re having with that other person is probably the best thing in the world.
4. It’s a better energy boost than coffee.

Sex in the morning is the best possible way to wake up. You’ll get your heart rate pumping and your body moving. Before you know it you’re ready to take on the day. There’s nothing quite like a jolt of pleasure to fuel your system all day long.
5. You can skip the gym.

Sex is a way better alternative to your typical morning cardio. Scientists have confirmed that an hour of sex burns almost as many calories as a 30-minute jog. If that’s not enough of a reason to get you in the mood, what is? So get to thrusting, because science said so.
6. It’s good for your health.

Orgasms make the world a better place and according to the all-knowing Dr. Oz, mornings are the best time for your body to have them. Morning sex has also been proven to strengthen your immune system by boost your levels of IgA, an antibody that protects against infection
7. Because morning wood.

Men are typically at the ready when they first wake up. Their testosterone levels are highest after they have recharged with hours of sleep. This means he’ll be at his peak level of unstoppable horniness and he will be more likely to last longer. A win, win in my book.
8. You’re helping the environment.

After you’ve had your fun, both of you will probably want a nice hot shower to clean up for the day. So you might as well save water and hop in together. That way the intimacy doesn’t have to stop when you leave the bedroom.
9. You’ll have that after-sex glow.

All day long people will be asking you what you did with your hair or makeup because you just look different in a good way. We call that the “I just got my brains fucked out” glow and it’s priceless. Screw contouring, morning sex is the new beauty trend.
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