Boyfriend Doesn’t Pull Out On Time, See How His Girlfriend Reacts

When you are having unproductive sex it’s the guys responsibility to pull out on time. Here is a guy that thinks its funny to do a prank on his girlfriend.


This famous you tuber decided to record the whole thing. He wanted to prank his girl by acting like he didn’t pull out in time.


He starts chucking and the girl starts to wonder why. He then proceeds to tell her that he didn’t pull out in time.


The girl start to go crazy and starts cussing him out. She doesn’t know how to express her anger. Prankster doing a great job keeping a straight face.


After breaking the news to her she still doesn’t seem amused. The prankster ends up being the one that loses this one. She walks out on him and tells him to never talk to her again. Ouch!

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