Boyfriend logs into cheating ex’s Facebook and drops the freaking hammer.

Someone who thinks that he can escape Karma must know how it operates. People think that karma can be avoided, but actually, it’s the Karma which is finding the right time to come back to you rather than you avoiding it. This girl wearing a shirt with cross signs, seem quite innocent but she played with three men like a pro and, in the end, Karma played its very own cruel role.

This girl allowed her boyfriend spend thousands of dollar on her, taking her to Hawaii, buying her Coachella tickets and buying her the best hotel rooms. While she was enjoying all these luxuries, she was also cheating on him. Behind his back, she was in relation with two other men. These two separate people were also unaware of this particular cheating part.
Once the aforementioned boyfriend came to know what was happening, he gave the girl a taste of her own medicine. He had her Facebook access, so he posted the justice online.

The revenge is particular in nature and quite less something like this is accomplished by men. Hats off to this guy who pulled of something like this and allowed the girl to learn a lesson. I think from now onwards, she would think twice to cheat on someone.
The checkpoint is a story on its own. This is hilarious and alarming at the same time.
The man must be like:

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