‘Cash me ousside’ girl reacts to terrible reviews of her rap song ‘These Haeux’ & roasts everyone

‘Cash me ousside’ girl has just released a video response to her newly released song reviews. She has, in fact, tried to roast everyone who left a bad review about her rap song. The accusations were ranged from using auto-tune to making and releasing a crappy rap song.

Danielle Bregoli had recently released a rap song where she actually roasted a lot of people and communities. Some fans think that she has done a good job but on the other hand, there were a lot of people who actually cursed the little girl for releasing a stupid rap song.

Don’t worry, Danielle Bregoli doesn’t miss a chance of getting more attention, so she released a response video to her haters. She has answered fire with fire. Since, a lot of YouTubers had reviewed the song, ‘These Haeux’ and Danielle Bregoli thought it would be good to release a video for those YouTubers and roast them all.

After watching the video, I’m sure you must be like, Why did I share it with you? Well, I want to raise one point here, don’t fix what’s broken. A lot of people are against this girl but they don’t realise that all the hate it actually making her famous. She knows how to handle the hate and is technically a strong new generation girl. She doesn’t feel bad for all the hate she receives instead like a stoic she knows how to mold all the negativity into her own goal.

Now, she made you watch this video, though you feel cringe, but hey, she won.

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