Conor McGregor Crashed Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday Party And All Hell Broke Loose

He’s a long way from home and even further away from where he started. Once upon time, McGregor was lucky to make $100 on a “who gives a damn” MMA fight.

And now? Now, the world knows his name and he makes millions of dollars to be his… unique self. He’s fully aware of his celebrity and all the perks that accompany the status.

He doesn’t just know he can ask for an exorbitant pay day to beat the ever living s*** out of someone

McGregor started just receiving invitations to hang out with celebrities at exclusive parties. Do you suppose he figured that might happen – become a world class fighter and then get on the A-list with all the cool kids?

Want to see who rubs shoulders with the Irish bad boy of the century? Click Next to see the photos!

It starts with knowing You’re The S***, apparently. The persona McGregor puts out there makes him larger than life. Would you want to be friends with this guy?

He has a certain “entitlement” in his upper-crust status that you either think is obnoxious or hilarious. If you were just as popular as he is, would think he was funny or irritating as all hell?

He has a slightly softer side – when he’s not hanging out with movie stars and pop singers, he’s posing with his baby son on his Instagram. Can you imagine the pressure on this little boy to be a “tough guy?”

So, when he’s invited to a party, who do you suppose is there? Click Next to see the faces who voluntarily spend time with Conor McGregor (which inevitably leads to party crashing)!

See that face behind this arm wrestling match? That’s Katy Perry watching Conor McGregor take on someone not quite his size (not talking about height here). Do you think she’s worried for his opponent?

Drake posed for a photo with The Notorious, too – do you think they’re basically on the same level, popularity-wise? Take a look at McGregor’s stance and then look at the next photo…

Here is McGregor with Bono and he basically has the exact same photo op face, doesn’t he? He likely got the hang of his stand and smile after this party… depending on who is at his side, he can at least raise an eyebrow…

What makes us say that? Well, he went from being invited to going wherever he wants based on who HE knows… Want to know what happened when he crashed J Lo’s birthday bash? (But, pause and enjoy the moment in the photo above – he probably hasn’t had so many people take pictures of him taking a drink since he was three…)

McGregor’s pal Cristiano Ronaldo was invited to J Lo’s birthday party and McGregor figured, he was The Notorious – he can go wherever he wants. Why not tag along?

Though his coach John Kavanagh had his reservations about crashing, Jennifer Lopez was thrilled to see McGregor. She was noted as having said, “Oh! Conor McGregor! Thank you for coming. Let’s dance!” She apparently dragged him onto the dance floor and away they went!

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