This Couple Learned Their Lesson The Hard Way About Not Leaving Their Sex Toys Out In The Open

After a fantastic night of toy – aided pleasure, Amy and Jade went ahead with their day. As they were doing their daily chores, Ben completely forgot that he left his c**k ring on the table. Soon afterward he got a text that shook him to his core.

Now just picture this – Waiting between texts to know what went down! Not knowing what happened because he left the sex toy on the bedside table.

Amy’s niece showed up the next morning and wore the ring around her wrist thinking it’s a vibrating watch. Not knowing what it is, she strolled around showing it off to everyone. While anxiety rode Amy ran after her, to somehow take it from her.

Can you image the struggle of taking a toy back from a child? Her niece kept crying like it’s no one’s business, till Amy managed to take it from her and keep it safe – away from her reach.
But the most difficult part in all this was explaining her sister (Niece’s Mother) what was happening. When the real ordeal came out in the open, everyone was in fits. Except for one sad person – the niece. Who kept crying and looking around for her new watch.

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