They filter incredible photos of the best police in the world. She’s Mexican and you will not believe her boyfriend.

For several months now, Cristina Nevárez Meza has become a real sensation worldwide, being recognized as the most beautiful police in the world.

While celebrating the last Caribbean Series in the city of Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, this beautiful young police officer conquered the hearts of millions of men around the world. The best part is that her companions are also very beautiful.

The phenomenon began after the publication of the following publication.

A few days later a local news medium was given the task of interviewing the woman, she said that she is dedicated to road education as part of the Culiacán Municipal Traffic Unit.

With fame has also come a large number of criticism in social networks, but this does not affect him, says that it is completely natural and has never had to operate.

Currently lives in the town of Costa Rica, so every day she travels by truck to Culiacan to work, she is dedicated to the exercise and is happily in love with her boyfriend, the only one she has had and who has been by her side since Secondary Can you believe it? This is love of the good.

These images were filtered by a Mexican media portal; However, we have yet to know about any statement by the police, but while they are pears or apples, we will continue to appreciate the figure of this, the best police in the world.

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