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Find Out What Happens Inside The Human Body During Sex?

Did it ever occur to you to see what happens inside your human body during s3x? Well if it did, then here’s something interesting. A recent video put together by Vox uses images from an MRI scanner to show the human body in s3xual activity.

Unlike X-rays and CT scans, MRIs don’t use harmful radiation, as s3x is not just a pleasurable act, but also a powerful emotion going on inside the human body during that pleasurable sensation of having s3x. Well, many people don’t care how the body works from the inside, as many find it unnecessary, but it feels great to know how amazing our bodies are during s3xual activity.

We bring you this amazing discovery of what happens inside the human body during s3x!

The first phase is Response Cycle

The couple having s3x in the MRI machine is shown going through the S3xual Response Cycle, which was originally researched by S3x therapists Masters and Johnson. The s3xual response cycle consists of four phases that transition seamlessly from one to the next.

The second phase is Plateau

Physical changes continue: Both partners experience heavy breathing, increased pulse, and muscle spasms. Changes in coloration will occur on the woman’s vaginal lips. For the man, the testes will rise and he will become fully erect.

A Graphic View

Here is a view of the couple actually having S3x in the MRI machine.

The third phase is Tense

Among the four cycles, of Masters and Johnson’s s3xual response cycle this is the shortest. The male and the woman’s uterus is all in tense. Women usually cannot reach orgasm as fast as men.

The fourth phase is Resolution

The previous physical changes resolve and things return to their former state in the human body.

Masters and Johnson

The S3xual Response Cycle discussed comes from a 1996 book called Human S3xual Response By William H. Masters and Virginia E. Johnson.

Brain chemicals and hormones get busy

As s3xual excitement builds, adrenaline starts pumping, as do all s3x hormones actually, in other words, the libido starts in the brain, creating the mood.

Heart flutters

When you get excited, you’re physically active, and you need blood to get inside the areas of main attraction, so your heartbeat picks up to pump blood around the body, with a specific focus on the genitals. Your breathing rate increases to help your heart maintain this quickened pace.

Blood vessels dilate

As the heart rate picks up, the blood vessels dilate or expand and allow more blood inside to flow to those erogenous zones, due to which a guy gets an erection and a woman starts to lubricate.

Skin flushes

When blood vessels are dilated, then more blood gets inside the skin, which causes the sensation of flushing, blushing or feeling warmth to the skin.

Muscles contract

The pelvic floor and nearby ab and leg muscles contract inside when reaching an orgasm, as the body tenses up before the climax.

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