At first glance it looks like a normal model, but when you look closer.

Today we will tell you a story that will fill you with inspiration and desire to get ahead. This is what an English girl lived through a terrible accident, saw her whole world collapsing.When she was just 21, Vicky Balch was unlucky enough to be at the wrong place and time.In 2015, during a holiday trip, she had fun on a roller coaster, until two carts collapsed, causing the death of two people.

Although Vicky was lucky enough to survive, she suffered terrible leg injuries that caused an amputation. The doctors could not do anything to save her.At that moment the life of Vicky Balch took a radical turn.

Unsurprisingly, she entered a deep depression from which she could not get out; However, after a couple of months, Vicky was recovering that positive and adventurous spirit that always characterized her.She decided she would not let her depression stop her. She felt that it was time to get ahead, and she did.Today, Vicky Balch is unrecognizable. She continues and will continue to be a beautiful woman.

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