These Foods Actually Make Your Vagina Taste Good. You’ll Be His Favorite Treat

Do you feel that the smell of your parts changes all the time? There are many factors that influence, from the hygiene, the underwear, if you walk in ¨ the days¨ and, especially, the feeding. The foods you eat determine not only the smell, but the taste of your fluids. Normally it has a natural smell, but there are problems when they give off scents similar to fish. Calm down, it’s just a matter of changing your diet.

The following foods will help you keep everything in order down there, your boy will thank you. Pay attention to the products that you must include in the pantry, but also those that are best kept away. List?

1. Fruits.

2. The green.

3. Spices.

4. Fish.

5. Cranberry Juice.

6. Chia seeds.

7. Water.

Well, now let’s go with the foods you should avoid.

1. Dairy products.

2. Soy.

3. Alcohol.

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